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Cruise Packing List and Tips by Cruise Experts

  You'll be among the most well prepared cruisers, with the help of our packing resources

Packing Resources for Cruisers

Some enjoy the cruise packing experience as part of the pre-cruise anticipation, while others dread it. Nevertheless, if you're preparing to set sail aboard a cruise vacation, you'll need to get through it. If you wait until the last minute, you run the risk of forgetting important items such as socks, underwear, sunglasses and even flip-flops. And believe it or not, it happens more often than you would think! With the popular CruiseCrazies Cruise Packing List and Cruise Packing Tips, we've got you covered for all the basics, good-to-haves, and luxuries...Plus ideas and suggestions you probably haven't heard of, directly from our expert cruisers! To be a well prepared cruiser, we invite you to take advantage of the following cruise packing resources:

Cruise Packing List

Our comprehensive Cruise Packing List is a print-ready .pdf document that can easily be downloaded by clicking the below banner. The packing list will automatically print to the correct size, no editing or adjustments needed. Simply download and print - It's that easy!
Cruise Packing Tips and Cruise Advice courtesy of CruiseCrazies

Be sure to check out our cruise packing tips for suggestions on packing techniques, packing items with unique purposes, and precautionary measures you can take for those just in case situations!
Cruise Questions answered by Expert Cruisers Our Cruise Forums are the perfect place to ask cruise questions and receive valuable information from expert cruisers. There are no dumb questions! If you're seeking packing help, cruise advice, port of call information, or anything else, our expert cruisers are happy to help. We look forward to engaging in active cruising discussions with you in our Cruise Forums!
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