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Don't Forget to Mind the Kids

Posted by sunluva7 , Apr 30 2013 · 610 views

Don't Forget to Mind the Kids

I see it all the time - parents who take the kids on vacation and then pretend they don't know them - or they do remember and bring them along to places off limits to kids, like the adult-only pool or hot tub, because - what the heck - "they're my kids, we're on vacation, we paid good money for this cruise and we'll do what we want."  Yes, you're on vacation, but that doesn't mean you're on a sabbatical from parenting the kids you brought on your cruise.  We all love children, but the antics of your own kids may not be as amusing for the people around you – especially if they’re shouting and running about, and otherwise invading the personal space of your fellow passengers.  Trust me, you won't make any friends.  So do your kids and yourself a favor and set some limits and enforce them.  Cruises are the best family vacation, and ships have great programs for kids - try them out.  
And while you're at it, please tell your children that elevators are not amusement rides.  Your fellow passengers will be very grateful. :smile:
Visit Cruising with Children here at CruiseCrazies for more advice and tips on family cruising.
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Member Comments:

I totally agree.  All parents believe their kids are adorable, but they have to realize that they are not adorable to everyone.  The running and screaming that you can ignore is like fingernails scraping on a chalk board to someone else.  You don't want to be that group that enters a room and people roll their eyes and say "oh no, here they come."

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Good post Jan. I have seen this too many times in the past on cruises to blow it off!! And, I have posted on it often. The statement "it's my vacation, I paid for it" just shows the self-centered nature of many (not all) parents. You may have paid for your vacation, but you did not pay for mine. Maybe I don't find the games of your kids pressing all the buttons on the lift, sitting and blocking the stairs or running up and down the hallways screaming to be amusing. When we brought our niece (she was 12 at the time) on the Carnival Pride with us, she was so well behaved because we discussed with her pre-cruise the importance of respecting the other passengers right to the vacation THEY paid for. I've actually had little "Rug Rats" curse at me when I asked them to move from blocking access to the stairs!! They were about 12 or 15 years old!!! No parents or adult guardians to be found anywhere. And one more thing to parents bringing their kids on a cruise, the cruise line staff are NOT your personal babysitters. Please don't board the ship on which I PAID for MY cruise and just cut your kids loose as if the ship was their personal playground!!!

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