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Frequently Asked Questions on Ship Life

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I get asked a ton of questions every day by guests on the ship. Most of them are the same questions. I was able to compile a list of 10 questions that are asked most frequently.

Q: How long have you been working on Ships?

A: I have been working on ships since end of January 2010. I did a 6 month contract on the Carnival Freedom... I subbed in for someone on the Paradise out of LA for a couple weeks. Then I did 2 months on the Carnival Legend followed by 4 months back on the Carnival Freedom. 5 weeks after I flew to Europe for this current ship (Carnival Magic)

Q: How did you get into working on ships?

A: For me I saw an Ad in Craigslist working through an Agency that can put me on any cruise line. Landau.com is the company. It is expensive 15% is their fee but they do a good job. Another way to apply is to go to a cruise line's website and look for their application link!

Q: Do you live on Deck 0 or below and share a room with others?

A: While all ships and positions give different accommodations, I personally have been on a ship that was below sea level, and a room on the 4th floor.. My room on this ship is level 6 above the Disco. My position grants me my own room which rocks! The most roommates any crew has is 1. Some rooms join at the bathroom and shower, so 2 people might share that with 2 other people.

Q: Can you get off the ship?

A: Amazingly people ask this question a lot, and the answer is yes. All crew can get off the ship, most positions have their schedule during a port time. There is no reason for me to play while the guests are off the ship so I can get off the ship every port!

Q: What do you do when you are not playing?

A: When I am not playing, I am probably sleeping! haha most of the time, if I am not out at a Port using internet, I will be working on some side projects, video editing commercials for companies who hire me back in the States, writing songs, learning new covers, watching movies, working out, or talking with guests. Always trying to fill my time with something constructive.

Q: What is next for me?

A: I am not certain what I will be doing after this ship. I will have offers on other ships, but I have a few great opportunities and shows all around the US and other countries.

Q: Do you get Free Internet on the Ship?

A: The answer is No but it is at a discounted rate of what the guests pay. We pay per minute, and you can tell when you see a wifi hot spot in a port and all the crew is gathered around it!

Q: Being away for so long, do you miss your friends and family?

A: I have great friends and a spectacular family (not married or have kids of my own) but being away from them is hard but thanks to facebook, skype, and email, I can keep track of them and keep in touch! It also makes it that much better to see them when I get home, or when they come to visit.

Q: How long is the turn over from cruise to cruise?

A: There is no break between cruises. When the guests leave the ship a couple hours later new guests arrive and we leave that day! It is amazing how they can get everything set for the new cruise so quickly.

Q: What is my favorite cruise destination?

A: My favorite cruise destination would have to be the Eastern Caribbean. The islands in the Eastern Caribbean are beautiful and the beaches are incredible. Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St Maartin, St Lucia, Antigua, Tortola are all my favorite ports! Georgous!

If you have any questions just ask! I would love to answer some questions that I have not answered here!

Thanks for reading... - DB-

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Hi Danny. Thanks for the Q & A.

Do you have to do all the same drills the crew do, life boat, fire, etc? Also do you work on turn around day at the passenger drills? Always curious to know if the entertainers aboard also have those kind of responsibilities.

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Hi Danny. Thanks for the Q & A.

Do you have to do all the same drills the crew do, life boat, fire, etc? Also do you work on turn around day at the passenger drills? Always curious to know if the entertainers aboard also have those kind of responsibilities.

Yes we do have to do those lifeboat drills, and stand there directing the guests. Its not my favorite thing but its only 20 mins a week... sometimes we have life boat drills when the guests are off the ship but that is one time a month, the other drills am not a part of! thanks for the question!

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Happy July 4th weekend, Danny! Thanks for the blog and the questions...I do find everything very interesting.

Question...are you able to get any kind of a discount for family, or friends, to come on a cruise and visit while you are working on the ship?

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Hey Larry and Shari, those are great questions...Thanks for asking.

Danny has limited time to get online so I'm making a note of your questions and any others, and will be sending to Danny so he can answer at the same time when he can. Stay tuned for the next update!

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