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Our First Excursion On "Planning Island"

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I truly hope you are having a calm, relaxing stay at Planning Island. Now that you have had some time to consider your finances for your cruise vacation, we can venture to our excursion of “Tour of Days”!

If this is your first cruise, and just want to investigate what a cruise is all about, a three to five day cruise may be a good start for you. I personally feel anything less than 7 days is a waste of precious vacation time but YOUR cruise is just that, YOUR cruise!! You MUST understand that what you have decided to be your maximum financial expenses for your cruise vacation, should dictate the length of your cruise. As explained in our previous post, most of your amenities are covered by the fare you pay for your cruise. BUT, there are many opportunities to spend, spend, spend!!! Although your 15 or so meals daily are covered, there are specialty restaurants on most ships that are an added expense to indulge in. Then there are also the shops onboard, the shops at your ports of call, the casino, alcoholic beverages and shore excursions just to name a few, at your ports of call that are NOT covered by your cruise fare. There is nothing worse than not being able to indulge in fun on your vacation because finances won’t allow it. This would be a good time to navigate to the “Shore Excursions” tab under the “Save Money” tab on the Cruisecrazies homepage to get an idea of what shore excursions are available at different ports of call you may be interested in visiting on your cruise. There, you can see what excursions may interest you and you can factor those costs into your cruise finances. Again, this will help you in deciding how many days may be right for your cruise. Now keep in mind, you do not have to do ANY shore excursions on your cruise. There may also be some listed on the homepage of the cruise line you choose to sail with which we will discuss in later BLOG.

Remember, anytime you have questions regarding shore excursions, your fellow passengers on the M/S Cruisecrazies are always willing to help!! All you have to do is ask. So now you have reviewed what your finances are and can include, if you wish, shore excursions as part of that decision to see how long your cruise can be. In my next BLOG, we will talk about choosing an itinerary that interests you.

I hope your “Tour of Days” excursion on Planning Island is sedate and calculated.

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