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In Loving Memory of Zoe

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Hey, y'all! Sorry I missed posting part 2 on Monday. Over the weekend I had a host of events happen. My lovely mother celebrated her birthday but I also lost my pal Zoe. She was truly the sweetest thing walking on four legs and I'll always love and miss her! She was my partner in crime on a few blog posts and she always be!

I mean what can a single guy say? Zoe was THE best chick-grabbing magnet... I mean woman meeting pal ever! Now what is a guy to do? :huh2: We had some great times and I'll always remember the great memories we shared! I wish I could have taken you on some cruises with me because I know you would have LOVED it! Thanks for being a sure thing for this crazy, loud and MJ-lovin' dude! Not many women would put up with me like you did! Thanks for also being a fan of Mandisa... and hearing me try to sing and hit those high notes (sorry for making you do that thing with your ears, LOL). Zoe, this blog post is for you!

Just wanted to let y'all know I didn't forget about you all, but I hope to get that new post up to y'all by next Monday! :rolleyes2:

Thanks for following along! You're cruisetacular for reading... as always! :biggrin:

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Hey man, my most sincere condolences. I can relate to your love of Zoe. We have always had a dog during the almost 23 years we have been married. We now have Codi, a 113 lb lab mix and 2 Cockatiels, a male(Kicko) and female(Spike). All of our pets have been rescues. When we adopted Codi, she was about 4 months old. Halifax Humane Society gave her all her initial shots, installed the microchip and spayed her. About 2 weeks after we got her home, she contracted Parvo which is a deadly bacterial disease that devours the intestines. My research into Parvo found that 85% of dogs that contract the illness perish even if treated by a vet. We weren't going to give up that easy. She spent 5 days & 4 nights with the vet with me visiting Codi everyday like she was a child in the hospital (well, she kinda was) and she would always put her two paws on my shoulders, I.V. plugged into her leg and look at me as if to say "can we go home now"?. I'm happy to say that $1800 later, she was 100% cured!! I really think she remembers those bad days of sickness. Codi is now 8 yrs old. It is obvious Zoe had a great life with you and you loved her very much or you wouldn't be praising her here! Kudos to you my friend :)

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