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Extreme Makeover: Cruise Ship Edition w/CM3K Part 2

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Just in case you missed it last week, here is Part 1 to this segmented blog post. Okay, now that everyone is caught up, let me share what else I'd like to see on a cruise ship! Y'all ready? Here we go...

#5: A Skydiving Simulator!


Nothing like flying while sailing 15 knots, right?

Photo Credit: The Sims Zone, UK

Now this would be freaking cool, right? Why can I see Royal Caribbean hoping all over this one? But I give Disney and NCL room for this as well because a character could easily go with this - Buzz Lightyear (Disney Cruise Line), Fairy Odd Parents (Norwegian Cruise Line) or even The Penguins of Madagascar (Royal Caribbean). Anyway, I think a neat feature would be to have the simulator area totally encompassed with glass so you can get great sea views and even see the sun above (whenever he likes to peek his head out for a visit). This one by far I think would be the one thing I'd do all cruise long. And if you're not into this one, just stand on the uppermost deck of your ship and try not getting blown away... same thrills! ?

#6: A Comic Book Revolution!


Talk about high seas action - these comic book characters

would DEFINITELY know how to bring it!

Photo Credit: Comic Book Movie

This one has Carnival written all over it and let me tell you why. Royal Caribbean, you've got Dreamworks on lock with Shrek and Donkey; NCL, you're swimming in slime with Dora and Diego with Nick at Sea; and Disney well... you've got all the favorites in the world. But which cruise line isn't known for a character agreement? BINGO! Carnival, y'all should try bringing some comic book characters to your ships. Don't get me wrong, we love Fun Ship Freddy, but we think this would be an awesome addition to your brand and Freddy... well at least I think so. ?

I remember growing up I wanted to be Spiderman... then I wanted to me Cyclops... then I was Green Lantern... then I was married Wonder Woman. Oh wait... that was just a dream. Anyway I think with y'all having that IMAX-like 4-D theater on Carnival Breeze and the other new ships, movies of these characters would be a huge hit! How about even designing themed rooms for eager comic book fans? Wouldn't that be cool? Having a Green Lantern room where everything glows in green? Plus I think Captain America and Fun Ship Freddy would be the best of friends, don't you?

#7: Inflatables Galore - Inside and Out!


Remember these from the '90s?

Oh yeah, let's get 'em on a ship!

Photo Credit: Children of the 90s

Am I the only one who remembers the Sock'em Boppers commercial and went out and bought a pair so I could knock out... I mean gently tag people? Wouldn't this be loads of fun for the family? And I'm not saying just have inflatable TKO gear, but also an indoor inflatable course - like a moon bounce or something. Who's in? P.S. If you wear Vaseline on your face, it'll help the dings smooth off your face and your won't feel the impact as much. ? Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything...

#8: Indoor Paintball!


Ever dream of getting that

person back for stealing your deck chair?

Two words: Paint Ball!

Photo Credit: War Pig

Now this would be taking cruise ship revenge to a whole new level. You know that person that walked in front of the stage while you were singing at karaoke, stole your deck chair when they knew you eyed it from the upper deck or even to that person who grabbed the last cinnamon bun in the serving dish... you could get 'em back with some paint ball! I'd even take a few shots at the people who do nothing but complained about everything the whole cruise (only inside the area of course)! What about even getting your younger siblings on the family reunion cruise? I know paintball isn't everyone's fancy, but I think it would be a draw for many... CMK included!

So that's it. My 8 amenities I'd add to a cruise ship! Which one is your favorite? Do you have something you'd like to see on the high seas I didn't mention? Be sure to tell me!Tweet me, post it on Facebook or simply comment below! I've gotten a few suggestions already and I'm going to post them all in a "Cruise Fans Edition" post next week! The deadline to share your cruising amenity wish-list is Saturday, March 16, 2013 to be considered for next week's post, but feel free to still share your thoughts beyond them - I'd love to hear! Until we talk ship again next Monday--Shon!

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