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Carnival Cruise Ports in the Eastern Caribbean

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For this blog, I am going to go over a bunch of Caribbean cruise ports, talk about some of my favorite things at each port and things you must do.

Eastern Caribbean: The eastern Caribbean is my favorite part of the Caribbean. The best beaches and sites for pictures and sailing around.

Starting with Puerto Rico:

Sailing into San Juan is one of my favorite parts of this port. You must get outside and see the sail in and sail away. Get a front row seat at the front of the boat. As far as what to do in San Juan, I would suggest seeing the Forts and walking around the city, possibly hire a cab to give you a grand tour. Depending on the time of year I could suggest the tour to see the Glowing water canoe tour. It is rather far away, but if you're in San Juan during the night and in the winter time, it is a must see.


St. Thomas:

What a great port, one of the best for snorkeling, I would suggest to get off the boat, and take the water taxi to St. Johns island, and Snorkel there. You can also hit some other beaches on the other side of St Thomas which would give you some great sights of the island. If you are a golfer, you would love the golf course in St. Thomas, it is a little expensive, but much worth the price to see some great spots on this island that no one else sees.


St. Maartin:

I have not been to St. Maartin a lot, but when i was there, I would recommend renting a jeep outside the ship, you can talk them down to $40 for the day, but there will be an extra fee of $10 after you agree to that price so don't be shocked. Take that jeep all over, especially the beach next to the airport. It is quite a sight to see 747's landing almost on top of you, or when they take off they will blow you into the water. Also venture on both sides of St. Maartin, the dutch side, and the french side. You will love the views while driving in a jeep with the top down.


If you're looking for the best beach, you have found it here. My personal favorite (Valley Church Beach) You can take a cab, for $30 total in your group and they will also wait there and take you back when you're ready. This beach is beautiful. This port is also another favorite for sailing away and watching the landscape as the boat sails away.

St. Lucia:

This island has fantastic landscape. I have some pictures that you wouldn't believe. Some fun places to go here are the mud volcano, where you can cover yourself with mud and it is rather refreshing, the zip line tour here is also fun if you are into excitement.


St. Kitts:

St. Kitts is not one of my favorite ports, but it does have a couple of great beaches to see. It is a very small island, and not entirely the safest place to be.


Tortola has 2 places I would recommend. One of the best beaches with amazing waves that you can boogie board or surf (inexpensive rental too). It is called Josiah's Bay... It is a CREW SECRET. You will not find guests at this beach. The Virgin Gorda is another place you might want to visit. You can get off the ship and take a water taxi across and walk right in. When the water taxi drops you off you have to pay for a cab to take you up the hill... It is a long walk otherwise. Virgina Gorda is a few beaches that are surrounded by giant boulders, and to get from one beach to the other you have to climb through caves. It is pretty neat, and the water is crystal clear.


Nassau is one of those bahama ports that you either go to the beach, or you go to Atlantis. The Atlantis water park is not all that bad though, but for the price $130 each, it is not worth it. However, there is a loophole! If you get a room at the hotel, it will cost around $200 for the night at the cheapest rate, which will get you 4 passes to the water part. That is a steal, and when you are done, you just check out!

I just realized that this Blog is turning into a short novel, so I will save Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Key West, Isle Rotaan, Belize, Costa Maya, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ensenada (other side of Mexico) for the next one. Then I will start getting into the juicy crew life posts. You won't want to miss those.

Thanks for reading! -*DB-

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We've been to the Atlantis 4 times. Take the land taxi. Not the water taxi. Water taxi is cheaper but you sit on it "forever" - sucking diesel fumes - until it is full. Land taxi zips you right there.

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