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Cruise To Nowhere is spelled C-T-N!

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So I'm at that stage in the cruising game where I am in between cruises. You know that point where you remember the last and get pumped for the next? Yeah, that feeling... that's what I'm loving right now! So many of you may remember the cruise I took back in February aboard Norwegian Jewel. I took one of my BFFs - TMT - with me for her first high seas adventure. In fact, that's her in this pic as well as another friend we met onboard, our girl Pat Montano!

Back in February we did a cruise to nowhere (CTN) and guess what I'm doing in just about 2 weeks from Norfolk, VA? Yup! You've guessed it! A cruise to nowhere... but aboard Carnival Glory. This time around TMT won't be with me, unfortunately, BUT my crazy, loud and hot mess of a family and friends WILL (pray for me... no seriously pray for me now)! I love these types of cruises and some people ask me what a CTN is. The convo tends to go a little like this...

My Neighbor: "So Shon, you're going on another cruise?"

Me: "Yup! And I'm so excited!"

My Neighbor: "Where ya headed this time?"

Shon: "Oh just out to sea for the weekend - nowhere basically!"

My Neighbor: "Um what? What kind of cruise is that?"

Well let a brotha school ya... It's the kind of cruise where you cram everything in, eat whatever you want, get a good workout in at the gym and sleep as little as possible (at least if you're sailing with me - as TMT is testament to). You just have a great time for a few days at sea. Seriously, I walk on THESE cruises in particular not knowing a soul and within the first 20 hours, new friends are joining me at karaoke, in the nightclub and even for a late night bite aboard. What are YOU waiting for? Try a cruise to nowhere today! PLUS you'll have the BEST bragging rights at the office on Monday. Everyone will ask how your weekend was and guess what you can tell them? YOU WENT ON A CRUISE! Bam! In their faces... I mean, oops, forgot to invite ya? And they're very inexpensive! :biggrin:

You know, I HIGHLY recommend these special and rare voyages for individuals who want to try cruising, but may still have some reservations (yes, pun is intended). Go sail for 3 days and 2 nights, come back and then book a world cruise! Okay, maybe not a world cruise but these sailings will help you enjoy longer cruises if you're a newbie trying to get into the cruising game! Try a CT today and maybe our paths will even cross on the high seas! Have you ever sailed a CTN? If so, what was you're favorite part about it? If not, what's your excuse? Keep cruisin' and groovin' until we talk ship again next Monday--Shon!

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Good advice, Shon! Without the ports that eat up a lot of our cash, a CTN is a great way to save money!

It sure it! Thanks for reading, Jan! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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You do seem to make friends easily. Dora looks so much smaller on TV, but don't tell her I said that....

Bwahahaha! Your comment is safe with me! :)

I truly love making friends and have a blast meeting friends on the high seas! Perhaps our paths will cross out there one day? I'll be looking for y'all!

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