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Avoid Cruise "Cell Shock" - Set Your Phone to "Safe" Mode

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What is Safe Mode, you ask? Confused, you scan the button and menu of your phone but can't find any reference to this term. You turn to your owner's manual, but come up empty. Try this: The next time you board a ship with your cell phone, turn it off and lock it in the cabin safe for the duration of the cruise. Voila! Safe Mode!

This is especially true when traveling with a smartphone. Charges for voice roaming, data roaming, streaming music and videos or downloading an app can rise into the stratosphere, and all these fees will appear on your next bill after returning home, setting you up for a severe case of "cell shock". Simply turning off and locking up your phone will avoid all this and leave you blissfully calm and relaxed. After all, isn't that what vacation is all about?

However, if the thought of traveling incommunicado launches you into a full-blown panic attack, don't despair. You can still travel "smart" with your smartphone. Read more about ways to reduce the expenses for voice and data in my new article, Cruising "Smart" with Your Smartphone or Tablet.

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Jan, great pointers for new cruisers who may not be aware of how the cell service works at sea....If you're not careful it's a great way to rack up a fortune in long distance and roaming charges!!

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Exactly! And this is especially true for families and kids with cell phones, and I mention this from experience. I monitored my own phone and data usage, but forgot to educate my daughter in the art of cell phone usage on a cruise ship, and was hit with an enormous phone bill. You live and learn!

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