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Carnival's Red Frog Pub, Onboard Crew Food, and Port Manning

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Hey CruiseCrazies,

People often ask about life on board, different dramas, and annoyances of the job! But before I get into that subject, I will recap the last couple of weeks onboard the Carnival Magic. I have had family on board and will have friends and family visiting for just about the rest of the cruises that I have left until December 11th. The Red Frog has been packed just about every night I play. People are all around the stage dancing and having a great time... It wears me down but makes for a fun night. I had Kiss FM from Pennsylvania come do an interview with me for their morning show, and do some introductions while I played live. It was a crazy night! Just about any night I do my 80's medley of songs the bar will get crazy! I am starting to plan my 2012 schedule, mainly touring throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and England.

Now getting into some of the "Ship Life" life.

Living on a ship traveling around singing is a dream job, and it would be crazy for me to have any complaints, but with every job there are a couple of things that get you upset. Port Manning is something every crew has to be on once in a while, just to keep you on the ship for about a week without getting off at the ports to make sure in case of an onboard emergency happened while at port there is enough crew to keep it under control. Onboard this ship they do it every 21 days, which is absurd. My last ships it was once every 2 months. I do not understand the change on this ship but it is high up on the irritating ship life list.

The food here for crew will be the top 3 for any crew member. They do not give us very much variety for food just a cafeteria style that gets old very very fast! When it comes to crew and drama, I try to be friends with every one and not get to involved in the drama... it could make for a looooooong contract when you do that!

I have another blog for Q & A coming up. I will be answering a bunch of your questions, so please post them as a reply to this blog post, or send them to Jason directly....He's going to create a list of questions from CruiseCrazies members!

Hope this was entertaining to read.

Thanks for reading! -*DB-

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So every 21 days you are stuck for 1 week on the ship?? Thats sucks. thumbdown.gif I have seen that many of the cooks are Indian. Can they cook for you or can the crew cook their own food? I mean if the Indian guys cook that some good stuff. biggrin.gif

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