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Next Cruise: MSC Opera

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I think the entire cruising universe is aware by now that I can’t stay ashore for too long, once the ship’s start calling I have to answer! With that said I thought now would be a good time to let you know about my next adventure!

At the end of August I will be boarding MSC Opera for a 10-night European itinerary. Our ports of call are Ijmuiden, St Peter Port, Vigo, Lisbon, Bilbao and Le Havre. Quite an interesting selection if I do say so myself.

I am quite excited about this cruise. Firstly I am planning on spending the day in Ijmuiden with the family that I met during my cruise on MSC Magnifica. Catching up with them again will be very nice indeed and I can explore Ijmuiden this time instead of Amsterdam and with friends. Secondly, I have never been to Le Havre or Bilbao before so that’s something new and although I have visited Guernsey many times I was a child at the time so I can’t remember a great deal. In all it should be a great cruise!

I shall also once again be cruising solo. I figured I had too really, it’s about time I took a longer cruise on my own and on a multi-national ship so that I could give you a real hearty blog on what it’s like. My last MSC cruise was solo but it was only 3 nights and my 2 week cruise on Ventura last year doesn’t fully count because I had friends on board for the cruise. This time though I am going in blind so to speak. 10-nights just me, myself and I. I see people talking on forums and groups all the time about how they would like to do a solo cruise but sometimes the mix of nationalities on some of the cruise lines makes the decision for them harder. You have the worry of ‘am I going to be the only English person on board’ or ‘what will I do if I can’t find anyone to socialise with’. Although MSC Opera is sailing from Southampton I am still expecting a mix of nationalities.

This time I am travelling down to Southampton via rail and have planned to stay with a friend for a few days on the Isle of Wight pre cruise. It’s also a good excuse for me to do some ship spotting before I go! I do however need to invest in a smaller suitcase as God himself couldn’t make me take my usual one cross country via rail. That means there’s shopping to be done! I am forcing myself to downsize but can I do it? - Watch this space!

So Ladies and Gents that’s the 411 on the next voyage……Are you on the same cruise? then let me know! August 25th MSC Opera

By Danielle aka CruiseMiss




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