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Questions for a Shipboard Entertainer: Gaining weight, the food, contracts, perks, and shopping!

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Hi everyone! Many people are fascinated about working aboard a modern day cruise ship. And I must say, it's a very cool gig. As soon as guests find out that I work aboard the ship, I am asked a wide range of questions.....I've been asked pretty much everything .... ranging from my personal experiences, how life really is at sea, crew contract questions, salary, food, perks, and more. I received some questions from CruiseCrazies members and I have compiled them below, along with my answers. I hope you enjoy, and please keep those questions coming!

Q: Living on a cruise ship, how do you prevent the weight gain???

Most crew while living on the ship do not eat as much as the guests. We have certain dining times and do not have food everywhere we turn like the guests have. With the ships being so large we are also walking a lot daily (no cars) and we walk long distances at the ports. The only part crew find hard to avoid with gaining weight is drinking alcohol when they get off their shift and go to the crew bar. If this happens every night you will tend to see some weight gain.

Q: Do you ever get to eat the same food as the passengers?

In my position on this ship like other staff positions we get to have guest privileges and are allowed to eat where the guests eat but only during lunch and breakfast. If someone has family on board visiting, you can arrange to join them in the formal dining room.

Q: What is the most common duration of contracts for shipboard employees? How does that work?

For entertainment, most contracts are around 6 months. Some other positions such as spa have to join for 9 months on their first contract. Sometimes you can extend your contract but it is up to the head office to allow it.

Q: What are the perks for working aboard a Carnival Cruise Lines ship?

There are a lot of perks working with Carnival. Just being able to travel the world bringing your friend and family on board at a discount rate and meeting a lot of new people every week.

Q: Is shopping onboard or in the ports really less expensive??

When buying something on a cruise ship it is always better to wait until later in the cruise when they have big deals... You might find a watch or necklace that you buy for $75 on the first day, that the second to last day it would be $40. When buying at the ports you just need to buy what you like but remember that you do not want to over pack on the way home if you are flying!

Thanks for reading! *DB

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