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It's Really Okay to do Nothing on a Cruise ~ It's Your Vacation!

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This is a big area where my husband and I differ – especially on a cruise day at sea. He is up early, out the cabin door and ready to see and do everything there is aboard the ship. I, on the other hand, like to linger over a cup of coffee in my cabin, sit out on the balcony (if I am lucky enough to have afforded one) and watch the world go by. I am in no particular hurry to do anything.

So while we attend shows together, hang out side-by-side by the pool for a little while before attending, say, a ballroom dancing class, we often find ourselves going our separate ways. He’ll go to the casino or an art auction, and I’ll find a quite place somewhere to read or write or just people watch.

One not-to-be-missed event we both agree on, however, is a beautiful sunrise or sunset. There is no work of art more beautiful than that of a setting or rising sun at sea and the spectacular soft glow of white, orange and yellow streaks in the sky.


Just because the ship’s daily newsletter lists more activities than there are hours in the day doesn’t mean you have to do it all – or much of it at all, for that matter. Yes, cruising is a social event in many ways, a great way to meet people and expand your horizons, but it’s important to remember that it’s your vacation. Do what you feel is right for you. If that means a day full of hairy chest and belly flop contests, by all means – enjoy! But, for you, if that means lounging in a deck chair gazing out at the deep blues and greens of the mesmerizing sea and dreaming the day away, then I say pleasant dreams!


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Not only is it OK, I find it preferable on many occasions. Sometimes I want to hit the casino or go to the art auction and other times I want to sit on a lounge chair with a good book and fall asleep after reading one page. Great pictures, by the way.

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