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This is how a cruise gets booked!

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Let's just throw this out there. I only have 1 child, I am an only child, and I come from an only child. None of it was planned that way... It's just how life happened. A house over run with children is foreign to me. Martha Stewart in the kitchen, I am not.

So Trenton says "Mom, can *Sheldon and *Leonard spend the night?" (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent) "BOTH of them? Like... At the same time? (insert excited little face from your only child) Well, ok...". And so it began.

I picked the boys up, brought them home and sent them outside to play. All was going well. The kids came inside and said they were getting hungry. OK, let's make dinner.

(Trenton shot his first deer last year and was super excited. He thought it was really cool that he was providing food for the family ? He wanted to make nachos and use his deer meat.)

This is when *Sheldon says "Oh, I don't eat cheese." I am thinking Oh No! I didn't ask if these kids had any allergies. Oh crap!

"Oh, I'm not allergic. I just don't like it."

Huh? ... You don't like cheese? ... On purpose? Who doesn't like cheese on purpose?

Ok fine. How about chicken.. "no"

fish sticks... "no"

hamburgers... "no"

I name off the entire pantry and fridge... "no".

Ok, Sheldon...what would YOU like to eat for dinner?

His response... "Olive Garden will be fine."

OLIVE GARDEN !!!!! .... Are you serious?

I was defeated... I ordered Olive Garden. (A child’s spaghetti with sauce in little cups on the side for Sheldon). This is when I looked at Mark and said "Let's run! Let's just go and leave them here!" (Totally kidding... But the thought seriously crossed my mind)

I return home to find three 10 year old boys watching Pokemon on the 65 inch TV and Mark hiding in the bedroom!

The husbands point of view: Well, I was sitting there watching my TV and *Leonard comes and sits beside me and says "Hi". So I said "hi."

"I really like Channel 300."

That's all cartoons. I said. And he just stared at me! So I said, would you like me to put on cartoons?

"Yes, please"

So I type in 300 and he yells "Pokemon!!" And then this stampede happened and I realized I didn't even have a place to sit on my own couch anymore and there was a 65 inch Pokemon in our living room.... So I took refuge in the bedroom.

Ha! So I am thinking "pushover" as I am busting out the OG... Feeling like a champ.

"That's not the right sauce".


"That's not the right sauce, I can't eat that"

What do you mean it's not the right sauce?! You said marinara sauce... That's marinara sauce.

"I like the kid’s marinara sauce"

The kid’s marinara sauce and the adult marinara sauce is the same! It's marinara sauce! One plate is just smaller than the other!! (my blood pressure is rising)

"It's ok. I'll just eat the noodles"

You are going to eat plain noodles for dinner!? I HAD plain noodles I could have cooked!

DEEP breath... Ok, let's just pray and eat. That bedroom is looking better and better!

Play,Pokemon,popcorn,Skylanders, candy, Beyblade, put your PJ's on, brush your teeth.... And *Sheldon comes parading through the living room in his underwear! "You don't live here kid!! Where are your pants?!" Oh Geez! I threw some blankets and pillows at them and went to hide in the bedroom with Mark! Aaah, peace at last.

6AM... Sounds of crashing, spinning, cheering... It's just a dream... "Crash, spin, cheer" ... There is no way those kids are up ... "Crash, spin, cheer" ... Because we all have Beyblade tournaments before the sun comes up! HUGE SIGH. I open the bedroom door and all three file into the living room with the sweetest little smiles "Did we wake you Mrs. Hunt?" ... As if any effort was made in an attempt NOT too.

Are y'all hungry? ... In unison "yes".

Awesome, here's some cereal.

"Mrs. Hunt, I don't drink milk"

That's fine, I have almond milk.

"I don't really like almond milk"

So eat the cereal dry. Trenton does it all the time.

"I don't really like those cereals"

Fine. *Sheldon, what would YOU like for breakfast?"


No. How about eggs?

"Do you have biscuits?"


"Then I don't want any eggs"

Of course you don’t, how about cinnamon toast?

"That’s fine ... As long as you don't make it soggy"

.... This kid's going home hungry!

So I Google how to make cinnamon toast bread and NOT make it soggy. Ended up putting it in the oven and using a broiler for the first time… Ever!

Then I got interrogated on the make and model of my Orange juice! It's orange juice!!!!!!!! It comes from an orange! Just drink it!!!

So. It's noon. *Leonard has left and Sheldon is still here. I have decided his parents have been eating everything they can get their hands on since I picked this kid up and are in a self-induced diabetic coma somewhere. Imagine being able to just eat something!

In the meantime, I have applied a double amount of my Derm Exclusive wrinkle cream and booked another cruise.

And that my friend’s is why I cruise!

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