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Returning Home for Vacation After Working Onboard for 5 Months

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Hi Everyone,

Coming home from being on a cruise ship for 5 months is always different.

You do not realize the differences of living on ships and living on land. Communication is completely different. Having a cell phone and texting is foreign to me again, and being connected online all the time without paying for it is amazing. However paying $3.75 a gallon for gas might be enough to send me back out on the sea. For ship crew vacation is sitting at home for a week and not anywhere tropical or scenic. It is relaxing to sit in one spot catch up with friends and family.

As for me and entertaining, my vacation is short lived. I am planning shows and tours all over the States from October to mid December. The locations are on my website (and below). The shows will be very entertaining, if you can make it that would be great!

My next venture might be an Australian cruise line in January.. (P & O) It will include more exciting BLOGS from the Australian coast!

Thanks for reading! =*DB=


Plymouth, MI ---------------- Sun. Oct 2

Minneapolis, MN ------------ Fri. Oct 7

Chicago, IL ------------------ Sat. Oct 8

St. Louis, MO --------------- Sun. Oct 9

Atlanta, GA ------------------ Tues. Oct 11

Charlotte, NC --------------- Wed. Oct 12

Raleigh, NC ----------------- Thurs. Oct 13

Washington D.C. ------------ Fri. Oct 14

Williamsport, PA ------------- Sat. Oct 15

Philadelphia, PA ------------- Sun. Oct 16

New York, NY (NJ) ---------- Mon. Oct 17

Boston, MA ------------------ Tues. Oct

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