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We Call It Turkey Day Because?

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Hey, y'all! Happy Thanksgiving! You know today is one of the coolest holidays we celebrate here in the United States. I know many traditions have grown over the years on this iconic day. Many watch the Macy's Day Parade, some may slave over a stove for hours while the bargain shoppers may start plotting when they're going to hit up their favorite retail stores to catch some Black Friday deals. But my understanding of this day is to come together with those we love and begin to think on the things we're thankful for...well at least that's what I thought it was?

As many did this morning, I got on my social media networks this morning and saw many people wishing each other "Happy Turkey Day!" Now I'm not trying to get too deep here, but have we as a society reduced a day that is supposed to be a day set aside to give thanks to a day where we honor a bird? Really? Please say it ain't so! This ain't no gobble 'til you wobble holiday (even though y'all know The Wobble is my favorite line dance)... I'm just a little lost here...

There are so many people who would KILL to be in your shoes, have your annoying kids, be with that lazy spouse of yours, drive your trouble-causing car and even sleep in that home of yours with the leaky roof. So many people around the world go without many of the everyday luxuries we're blessed to have. We're in good health, connected to people whom we love and even have access to things like warm homes, shoes and fresh, clean water... but we want to reduce this day-when we could be thankful for the many things I just mentioned-to a elevating a bird above anything else?

That my friends is what I call an American Tragedy. Let's do a heart and mind check friends and really think about how we name this day when wishing well ones to one another because I'm pretty sure the heart of it does not revolve around a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving (a day of thanks, not turkey), cruise friends and may you always count your many blessings and share hope with those who need it most! Until we talk ship again--Shon!

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