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Save Money and See the World with a Repositioning Cruise

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To save money and enjoy a more relaxing cruise experience, try a repositioning cruise. Cruise lines will typically have their ships spend a season cruising the same itinerary. During, say, the spring or fall, these ships will be relocated – or repositioned – to a new geographical area of the world to begin a new cruise season and new itinerary. Rather than have these ships sail empty, cabins are sold, usually at a reduced rate. For passengers who like lots of peaceful days at sea, this can be a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Instead of a hectic port schedule, the ship will spend many, many days at sea with a brief stop or two in interesting ports.

Of course, a repositioning cruise doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Because the sailing involves leaving one port and arriving at another – sometimes half a world away, air travel can be complicated and expensive. Also, while retired folks and those with a flexible schedule can afford the time to be away at sea for an extended period of time, many are not so fortunate.

Still, if you have the time and are creative with flight arrangements, a repositioning cruise can be a great cruise value.

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