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Fixed seating or MyTime dining

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Most cruise ships offer a choice for evening meals between fixed seating or the ‘freer’ MyTime dining arrangement.

I don’t really like dining at 6pm (too early) or 8.30pm (too late) so the flexibility of choosing my dinner time is welcome by me. Fixed seating times usually also mean being with the same table companions the whole cruise. I like to have the option of dining with my wife or joining other couples or individuals we meet along the way.

MyTime dining also provides a more flexible option for planning your dinner time around other possibilities on board eg attending a show, listening to some relaxing music before dinner or just meeting up for a quiet drink.

Most cruises ships offer a small number of specialty dining options (usually with a small additional fee) or your can repair to the more casual buffet style restaurant.

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Good points, Roger. My husband and I prefer "anytime" dining, as well, because we like the flexibility. However, on the Ocean Princess 2 years ago, we had no choice because they only offered 6:00 or 8:00 pm in the one dining room on board. We chose 8:00, and, honestly, it worked out very well. It was a port-intensive cruise, and I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I took a nap. I was revived for dinner at 8:00 and ready for the night ahead.

With all the dining choices offered now, I can foresee the day when traditional fixed cruise ship dining will be a thing of the past.

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