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Make Your Rental Car Theft-Proof

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Nothing says "tourist" like a rental car full of cameras, luggage, maps and tour books. Would-be thieves, in fact, can spot a tourist and his rental from a mile away. Here are a few tips to prevent you and your rental becoming a victim of theft:

- Don't have anything of value in plain sight while occupying the car, and definitely hide any valuables in the trunk while parked.

- Look and drive like a local. Avoid having maps, guides and other touristy info out in the open while driving and when parked.

- Leave glove box open to show there is nothing of value stored inside.

- Watch for snatchers at traffic lights - crooks who will reach inside your window and grab your purse or camera. Better yet, keep windows closed and doors locked when occupying the vehicle.

- For SUVs or hatchbacks, use the rolling cover during the day to hide any valuables. At night, remove everything, leaving only the harmless stuff, and roll the cover back so thieves will know there's nothing of value worth stealing.

Jan Neves

CruiseCrazies Authorized Agent


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