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5 Ways to Survive a Port-Intensive Itinerary



A cruise with most or all of its stops spent in a new port each day can be a rewarding and enriching experience. It can also be an exhausting one. I love cruising Europe and being introduced to new scenery and cultures, but I also like my moments to kick back and relax. How does a cruiser enjoy a port-intensive cruise without burning out? Try one of these 5 remedies:

1. Instead of filling an entire day with a worldwind tour, focus on one or two particular attractions, or simply park yourself at a streetside cafe and people watch - even better if it’s an ocean view!

2. Try a half-day tour, especially if you are just looking for an overview of a new destination.

3. Take a late afternoon snooze. It will be just the boost you need to get you through the evenings festivities after a long day in port.

4. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water while out and about to prevent that tired feeling from dragging you down - especially important during the hot, summer months.

5. Go to bed early. Skip the late-night partying if you have an 8:00 am tour in the morning. Your body will thank you!


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Good ideas Jan...even back when the Crazies went on the Med cruise, and I was in much better shape than now, I wanted to go so bad...think it was too expensive for us... or else we had a different cruise booked at that time...think it was that one, but I had wondered how I could keep up with a port every day for quite a few days before getting a sea day, and then only a couple of sea days at all.  And I haven't been to the Mediterranean area yet, so there would be so many places I would like to see.  Today, if I would go. I know that I would have to rest up and have to just see the places I want to see the most.  And definitely go to bed early...LOL

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