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Food on Ships!



Working on P&O Australia recently I have been promoted to a new position. I have been classified as a "fly on" entertainer now, which means I come on for 1 or 2 cruises at a time to entertain the guests, and then I go home until my next short contract. It is a great position and gives me the ability to have more guest privileges. So I wanted to check out all of the restaurants on board and try the food out.

I made a video about it too.

FOOD ON SHIPS <- click to watch


The take away I get from this is that people are OVERLY critical when it comes to cruise ship food. To me, anything that you get on a ship in the middle of the ocean is going to be great.

Maybe I appreciate it more because I used to eat in the crew and staff mess down below and that food would get very, well lets say not the best. So running around to these restaurants and even the ones that you do not have to pay extra money for, they are doing great things and making very tasty dishes.

So next time you are on a cruise ship instead of being on the side that complains about every little thing, just enjoy it and look at it from the perspective of how much goes on behind the scenes in making the food for 3000 + people every day.




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Hey Danny, glad to have you back and thanks for posting this.  I could certainly appreciate this topic of eating the onboard food - As eating is one of my favorite things to do...And I'm pretty good at it, I must say!

In your video I love the design of the Dragon Lady restaurant, it has such a unique look and doesn't even appear that it's on a cruise ship - totally unique.

Looking forward to seeing your next update!

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?  All that food - oh my gosh!!  Welcome Back, Danny - your video was amazing.  I enjoyed it so much that....I have no recourse except to book a cruise RIGHT NOW!!  Thank you!

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Glad to have you back, Danny! I’m glad to see you’ve graduated from the leftovers served below decks.? Loved your video, and I agree, no matter how full I am, I can never pass on dessert!?

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Hi Danny...loved your video and all the food.  Yum!  Definitely makes me want to cruise.  The last one, eating sea food by the sea...love that!  My favorite desert on cruises is the crème Brule.  

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