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8 years of working on ships

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Since I started this blog back in 2011 working for Carnival Cruise Lines… I wanted to reflect a little about my time on ships. Although its only fair to say that over 8 years ago when I started ( Jan 2010 ) on the Carnival Freedom, I have actually only been on ships a total of 30 months ( 2 1/2 years) out of 8.

The other 5 1/2 years I have been traveling and visiting all of the people I met on ships and playing gigs to cover that cost. This was my new life… driving, staying with friends/family, not really having a home.

The opportunity for working with P&O Australia came in 2014 and I jumped at the opportunity to spend time down under.... little did I know it would be another life changing journey. P&O wanted to do an artist feature of me on their facebook and I made a video for them to highlight it. Check it out -


You never know where life will take you... you wouldn't even believe what my life was like before ships... (and ill get to that another time) 

So get out there... cruise to exotic places and invite the musician to your town to play ?

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Awesome post and video Danny!  How many sailings have you cruised so far?  And your passport must be stamps galore - Have you needed to get the second booklet to make room for stamps yet??

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Love your blogs Danny...loved your video...what a wonderful way to see the world...on cruise ships to everywhere...and so wonderful to meet so many great people...and so nice that you met the love of your life.  Marriage coming this coming January?  Congratulations!!  Will you be traveling together, on and off the ships?

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Thanks for sharing this enlightening video! Having spent most of my life around working musicians, including my husband and kids, I appreciate the wide variety of music I have heard on board every cruise I’ve taken and can’t imagine what a cruise would be like without it’s dedicated artists and performers. I think it takes a special person to work the cruise lines. I know some who tried and found it wasn’t for them. So thanks for sticking it out and having so much fun in the process. You’ve had some amazing travels!??

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