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Having fun on board!

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Fun on board the P&O Australia ships.

Even on the smaller ships they have been able to utilize as much space as they can. Flying fox, rock climb, walk the plank, waterslides and so much more. 

before i go on, i would love to know in the comments what you guys might have done on ships that you have been on that was fun!

I know that when I worked for Carnival they were starting to install a bunch of cool ropes courses, and Royal Caribbean has so many extra activities. I have never been on a Royal but the ads i have seen makes it seem unreal. 

But with P&O i wanted to check out some cool things to do and made a video about it.  Thanks for reading and watching. I would love to hear your thoughts on fun things onboard ships. CHEERS!



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Thanks for the fun video, Danny...I'm definitely not walking the plank...LOL  I usually go on a cruise to relax so I just enjoy things like bingo, thinking games by the pool, and the evening entertainment...so I would definitely come and hear you sing.

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