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Is Middle Name Needed on a Flight Reservation?

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One of the most confusing things for travelers when booking flights are the names on the reservation. As we all know - or should know, especially if booking our own flights - airline reservations require names to exactly match those on the guest’s passport or ID.  But what about middle names? According to theTSA and Homeland Security travel requirements, middle names are not required, even if the middle name is spelled out on the passenger’s passport or traveling ID. In fact, by omitting the middle name, you avoid confusion as to whether to use middle initial or middle name, or in the case of some, having to squeeze 2 middle names on the reservation. You also avoid the annoying running of two names together on the flight reservation, i.e. “John Paul Jones” becomes “Johnpaul Jones”. 

When TSA states the requirement that names match ID, they are not concerned with middle names, only the accurate spelling of first and last. For instance, if the passport says “Thomas Smith”, then “Tom” Smith is unacceptable. 

I hope this clears up the confusion and makes your next flight reservation go easy.?



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