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Weezer Cruise

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So after working on cruises for a good while, I finally broke down and booked a cruise as a Guest. I am going on the Carnival Destiny for the Weezer (band) cruise on January 19th. I have not been on a ship that did a concert style cruise but I am looking forward to it. I will be only stopping at Cozumel (a place i have been more than my fair share) I am still on tour all around the country. My next stops are in Salt Lake, Denver, Saint Louis, Columbus, Boston, Albany, Long Island, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Vegas, Rochester NY, Williamsport PA, Toronto, and DETROIT (home) Then a full month in Florida. Sounds crazy I know. If your in those areas you can find out more on www.theDannyBlack.com

I am officially back to writing about the ins and outs, behind the scenes, and crazy ship life stories. So stay tuned each week for more tales!

Thanks for reading


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