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Mystery Cruise Ship Departs Sydney

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One of the things I love about being in Manly is ‘you can always tell if there's a cruise ship in Sydney Harbour because on a clear day; you can hear the loud horn blast from Manly Ferry Wharf.’ As well as being incredibly deafening; a ships horn blast can be heard from as far as ten miles away from the actual ship.

On Thursday 16th August 2007, I was sitting on cement wall near Manly wharf when I heard a loud noise coming from Sydney harbour. I must’ve been deep in thought because when I heard it; it scared the crap out of me, and I responded with, “What the hell was that?”  A few minutes later, I could see something white moving over the top of the trees in the distance near the city, and I said out loud, “Hey is that a cruise ship?” Shortly after that, I saw the mystery cruise ship turn the corner from Circular Quay; on it's way out to sea.

The only camera I had on me was a 'Silver Kodak Digital Camera,' but I was still able to use it to take the long distance photo (above) from Manly.  When the ship went through Sydney Heads, I started the walk over to Manly Wharf to catch the Ferry back to Circular Quay.

To this day, I still don't know what the ship it was because I couldn't see the name of it from where I was, but I think it may have been 'the Pacific Dawn.'

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