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The P&O Five Cruise Ship Spectacular

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On Thursday 26th November 2015, the P&O Five Spectacular took place in Sydney Harbour. Although the three Queen Cruise ships (Mary, Elizabeth, and Victoria) reunited in Sydney a few years prior; this was the first time ‘five cruise ships were in town on the same day.  Click here to view the highlights video.  I also found this video for those of you who 'weren't on board the five ships during their Sydney arrival.  Click here to view the video, and enjoy.

This event was announced several months prior to it taking place.  When the day finally came, I woke up at 5:30am to watch the five ships sailing into Sydney Harbour on television through the ‘channel nines today show.’ As well as for the departure; the main reason why I woke up at that time is because I wanted to watch the 'naming ceremony of the two new ships (Pacific Eden, and Aria)' which took place on Sydney Harbour during the ships arrival; before docking at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay. Prior to this event, the last time I woke up at 5:30am for a cruise ship I was sailing into Sydney on board the (late) Dawn Princess.

Shortly after turning on the TV, I found out everyone on board were already awake. When the five ships met up outside Sydney heads ‘they all blasted their horns at the same time’ (pretty much to saying, “Hi Sydney we’re here”) which woke everyone one up.  Immediately, when I heard this I 'laughed,'  because I thought it was funny and said, "wow that would be so loud."

At that time, Tuesday was my work day.  So I went to work (with my camera) before going to Sydney Harbour to (attempt) to see the Five ships docked or anchored.  When I arrived at Circular Quay, It was pretty easy to find out where the ships were hiding because I kept hearing the ships blowing their horns so I followed the sound until I found them. It was an 'all day event' but I only stayed for a few hours.  I took photos, and did some filming before returning home for the night, and in time to watch the rest of the celebrations on television.  As well as 'walking around Sydney Harbour;' I could've taken the ferry over to Manly (and back) for a closer look but I decided not to because 'I thought the ferry was to packed to get a look at them;' but hey i recon 'three out of the five ships' aint bad!

Later that afternoon, a friend of mine from work boarded the 'Pacific Pearl cruise ship' (which was anchored just off Garden Island) for her first cruise to New Zealand.  That night, all five ships departed shortly after a fire works display which took place on Sydney Harbour, and my friend loved being part of it.

Although I don't know which event was better ('the P&O Five Spectacular,' or 'the reunion of the three Queen Cruise ships'); I absolutely loved visiting the ships, and I hope the event happens again.

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