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Celebrating Australia Day 2017... P&O style!

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It’s a fact that ‘Sydney Harbour loves to show off their boats to the rest of the world on Australia Day, and Australia Day 2018 was no exception because this was the day ‘three P&O Cruise Ships was docked in Sydney Harbour to Celebrate Australia's big day.’

On Wednesday 26th January 2017, 'the Pacific Explorer, the Pacific Eden, and the Pacific Area' cruise ships were anchored in Sydney Harbour to Celebrate Australia Day.  Thanks to the Sea Scanner Website; I found out in advanced the three P&O Cruise ships were going to be in town for the day, so I decided to spent the day in Manly especially because I knew it was going to be my final time in over there before moving to Melbourne.  I also wanted to the trip to and from Manly by Ferry to see if I was over being sea sick, and the good news is 'it worked out well' because I was able to do the trip over and back without feeling sick at the end.

Now, I was born and raised in Australia, so I celebrated the day the Aussie way.  I got dressed up in Australian flags, left home at around 11:30 am, and went into the city by River Cat from Abbotsford Wharf.  During the River Cat trip into the City, I saw the Pacific Eden docked at Sydney’s White Bay Wharf; the International Ships Wharf near Darling Harbour.

Shortly after leaving the Wharf at Darling Harbour, it was announced over the Ferries PA system "Sydney Harbour is currently closed due to the Australia Day events that are taking place on the Harbour."  As the result, a traffic jam of boats was formed on the Harbour near the bridge.  This lasted for quite some time, and it delayed our arrival.

January 26 is Australia's biggest day, and the walk way around Sydney Harbour was packed with visitors from Australia, and nations all over the world.  When the River Cat finally arrived at Circular Quay, I got off and walked other to the Manly Ferry wharf to catch the Ferry over to Manly for lunch at the Beach.  During the tip over, I saw the Pacific Explorer anchored near the Sydney Opera House, and the Pacific Area anchored near Watson's Bay.  I had my camera on me and I took photos of the two ships during the trip to and from Manly.  

All up, it was a fantastic way to celebrate my final Australia Day in Sydney before moving to Melbourne

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