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Sailing past the Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship On Sydney Harbour

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On Monday 9th October 2017, I spent the day at Manly; knowing (before hand) the Carnival Spirit cruise ship was in town. When I arrived at Circular Quay, I took some photos of the beautiful ship prior to boarding the Manly Ferry.

During my day in Manly, I went for a walk, took photos, did some filming, and enjoyed a yummy afternoon tea before returning to Circular Quay on the 5pm Ferry. It wasn’t long after the departure from Manly Wharf when I saw the Carnival Spirit Cruise ship coming the other way. It was after 4pm in the afternoon, and I didn’t know the ship was still in town because I didn’t hear the horn.

Being a lover of ships and cruising; I naturally grabbed my bags and quickly made my way out to the front of the Ferry for a closer look. My camera was already set up, so I used the opportunity to take photos, and film the ships departure.

Wow, I’ve been on two cruise ships heading out to sea, but I had never been the one on board the Manly Ferry going the other way until the day of my Manly visit, and I thought it was absolutely spectacular.

While other people were looking at the Dolphins in the harbour; I got excited when I saw the ship coming towards the ferry. It was an amazing experience, and I hope I can do it again.

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