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We’re going on a cruuuuuise!!!!

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Departing from Melbourne on Sunday 3rd November 2019; we’ll be cruising in ‘Fiji and the South Pacific’ for fourteen nights on board the Golden Princess before the cruise ship retires to P&O, and becomes the ‘Pacific Adventurer;' replacing the Pacific Jewel who left the princess fleet in March 2019. Although we’ll only be in Fiji for two days this time; I’m really looking forward to going back, and seeing all the changes in what I love to call 'the mother land.'
If you’re reading this Blog it means ‘We’re going on a cruuuuuise!’ On Tuesday, 15th January 2019, my Melbourne family joined the 'over 20,0000 people who book cruises every year' when we booked our third cruise to Fiji and the South Pacific with Princess Cruises.
As well as 'cruising;' I absolutely love Fiji. I first fell in love with the Fijian Islands during my first cruise; which took place in 2014 on board the (late) Dawn Princess Cruise Ship.  Loata Brealey is a Fijian lady from 'Port Denaru, Fiji.'  When she was my boss, Loata gave me the nick name 'Island Princess' shortly after getting back from my first cruise.  Loata told me a bit about the Fijian culture, and taught me some of the language like for example:
* Bula - Hello,
* Vinaka - Welcome & Thank you, and
* Sega - No thank you.'
She also kept buying me a variety of amazing souvenirs (including 'a large Fijian Flag') every time she went to Fiji because she knows how much I love the Islands. How cool is that?
As well as it being our third cruise with the Princess Cruise line; it will also be a celebration of ‘two main birthday mile stones;’ the really exciting news is ‘my Melbourne family will be coming with us’ to celebrate my sister and her Husbands ‘Wedding Anniversary.’ How cool is that?
On Thursday, 30 May 2019, our shore Excursions became available for us to book through the Princess Cruises website. Although the cruise isn’t going to my favourite ports this time (including ‘Dravuni Island in Fiji); the ship will be going to Noumea in New Caledonia, and the shore Excursion to ‘Duck Island’ is available... yippee!!! It’s a fantastic snorkeling destination, and you travel there by Catamaran.  I first found out about the shore excursion at Duck Island while watching the 2014 Reflections highlights video of my first cruise; but we didn’t end up doing that shore excursion.
The cruise was fully paid for on Thursday, 18th July 2019.  Even though I offered to pay for myself; mum decided she wanted to bless her kids (including me) so apart from paying the deposit; I’ve pretty much got a free cruise, and get this ‘a free cruise was my birthday wish during my 2017 cruise to New Zealand’ so look out Fiji here I come. How cool is that?
On Monday, 20th August 2019, our boarding passes, and luggage tags became available via the Princess Cruises website. This marked the 'seventy five day mark,' and the final count down to our cruising adventure to the South Pacific.
The minute I saw the link on the Princess Cruises website, I immediately got 'cruise happy.'  I couldn't help it; I grabbed my IPAD and filmed the big event.  Enjoy the video by the way.  Now all that's left to do is 'book the shore excursions, pack my bags, and board the ship... wahooiiii!
On Monday 16th September 2019, we met ‘Anneri Humphris;’ she’ll be looking after the house while we’re away. Introduced to us by Pam D’sa from Church; Anneri came over at 2pm with her young son to have a look around, to meet my pets (including my Greyhound), and to receive instructions of how to look after the house.
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