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Changes coming to the Cruise Industry.

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2020 was the year the cruise industry changed forever. The Coronavirus hit the Diamond Princess Cruise ship when it was docked in Yokohama Japan; (turning it into a floating Petrie dish).  I've been on several cruises, and the air quality inside the cabins isn't very good.  Research has shown 'the Coronavirus spread from the sick passengers to the other passengers on board the vessel through the ships air conditioning system.  Despite claims 'the air conditioning system recycles the air that goes through;' the Coronavirus droplets are so small it can easily spread from cabin to cabin, and throughout the whole ship.

Although the ships quarantine period was over, and everyone on board was FINALLY able to Disembark; it didn’t stop there. A few months later, the virus became a ‘Global Pandemic' when it spread around the world; putting a ban on global Cruising for several months.

Despite this, the good news is ‘the Cruise Ship Industry will be back,’ and better than ever.  There’s just going to be a few changes coming to the Cruise Industry. As well as ‘Social Distancing;’ other confirmed changes includes the following:

1.  The Ships will contain less people.

2. in the Buffet (or Smorgasbord) there will be NO self serving. All food will be served to you by the ships staff.

3. Mask wearing will be voluntary on cruise ships.

4. Prior to boarding; you’ll be pre-screening temperature checked prior to boarding the ship for your cruise. If your temperature is high you won’t be able to board the ship for your cruise. There will also be more hand sanitizers everywhere (both on and off the ship), and your Lounge will be sanitized as well before it arrives at your Cabin, and

5. During the cruise, the ships themselves will be cleaned like Hospitals. The lifts will be cleaned every hour, and (when you can) you’ll need to go to your cabin to use the Bathroom instead of using the Public Toilets.

Despite all the changes; I look forward to cruising again soon.

I look forward to cruising again soon.

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