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Medallion Classed Cruising from Princess Cruises



The Cruise industry is slowly starting to re-open after the COVID-19 Pandemic lock down. During the August edition of Princess Connects LIVE, I found out the new ‘Medallion Classed Cruise Ships’ from Princess Cruises. Apparently, these mega ships already caters for the new restrictions of COVID-19 so it’s an ideal for your first cruise when the boarders reopen. 

So what is a Medallion classed Vacation?                                                                            Available as an Ocean Medallion; the Princess Medallion Class vacation is designed to take your cruising experience to the next level with the unique experiences that helps you to get even more out of your vacation with the Princess Line, and it all begins with your Ocean Medallion.   

The Princess Class Medallion is a quarter sized wearable device that enables everything to get done faster than ever before, and the ships this now features on include the: 'Ruby Princess, Grand Princess, Enchanted Princess, Emerald Princess, Coral Princess, Island Princess, Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, and the Royal Princess; with more still to come.' 

From boarding for your cruise to finding those your traveling with on the ship; with the medallion in your hand, you can do things like ‘order food from key restaurants on board (like the Steakhouse), and have it delivered straight to your state room without needing to be around people. How cool is that? 

The Medallion is also available as an 'all-in-one app' designed to interact with your Medallion to put the Medallion Class digital experiences at your fingertips. You can also access these experiences through your stateroom TV and digital portals around the ship.  For more information about the Medallion Classed Ships click on this link.


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We sailed our first Medallion cruise last August 2019 on the Caribbean Princess New England/Canada cruise. At the time, it had a lot of kinks to work out, as mentioned in my Cruise Review. Hopefully, by the time we cruise Princess next, they will have improved and streamlined the whole process. 🙂

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