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Solo Cruising verses Group Cruising



People go on solo cruises all the time for all types of reasons.  One of the many benefits of Single or Solo Cruising verses Family or Group Cursing is 'you have more freedom (because it’s just you) and you get to do cruising your way.'  Like most Cruise lines; Princess Cruises caters for the needs of Solo Cruises.  During most Sea Days, the Princess Cruise line holds 'Singles or Solo Afternoon Tea Events.'  These events were designed to make Singles or Solo Travellers feel more at home whilst on their cruise.  

However, as well as feeling lonely and invisible despite being around a lot of people; ‘some Cruise ships also come with the occasional heckler' (these are people who like to give solo travellers a hard time for traveling on their own).  If this happens to you during your cruise, tell your cruise director (if you can), and then when you get home report the incident in the Passenger Cruise Questionnaire email you’ll receive from the cruise line.

So, what are the Dinning options for solo cruising? When it comes to meal times; my advice is don’t choose the ‘anytime dinning option,’ and then eat your meals in the Smorgasbord restaurants when you get on board the ship. Instead, choose to go with the ‘eight seater option at either the 5pm or a 7pm dinner seatings in one of the ships main Restaurants. That way, you’ll be able to meet new people, build relationships, and have people to talk to during your cruise; instead of doing it on your own.

And, what’s involved with booking a cabin for a Solo Cruise? Zoe Elcock (A Travel Agent from Flight Centre in Castle Hill, Australia) said, "It's a Twin Cabin so when you'll be paying for 'two people.'  But because you're travelling on your own, you'll get it for a bit cheaper."  But that's not all.  As well as booking a Singles Cruise through Flight Centre; you can also arrange to share a cabin with another solo traveler.

So many things have changed since the Cruise Industry began, and it seems the top deck is no longer the limit because the options are endless, and the cruising world is in your hands. Solo Cruising verses Group Cruising; the choice is yours. 

Happy cruising!


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