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No jab... no cruise!

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After a long wait; the COVID vaccine finally arrived in Australia on Monday 22nd of February 2021, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison was among the first to get the vaccine.  

Although there’s a chance the vaccine might not work, and those receiving the two part jab are required to remain in the doctors (or nurses) office for up to thirty after having it ‘just in case there’s any side effects;’ the question here is, “would you have the jab if it means you can Cruise again?”

Crystal Cruises has announced, “all passengers will be required to have the jab prior to boarding their ship.”  Although you’ll also need evidence of a ‘negative COVID test result’ prior to boarding, be required to practice social distancing whilst on board, may need to wear masks everywhere, and will need to quarantine for fourteen days after your cruise; this could be the norm for all future Cruises with every cruise line.  

In addition to this, all Crew Members will be required to get the COVID vaccine prior to leaving the home port, and they must receive a negative COVID test result before joining the ship.  But that’s not all.  When their contract ends, Crew Members will also be required to Quarantine for fourteen days after their Disembarkation, and they must receive a negative COVID Test result before returning to their normal life.

Are you in?

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