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Yay, cruising is back… with changes!

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America, the UK, Fiji, and New Zealand are now known as ‘COVID Safe Nations.’  Because of this, it's now safe for cruising to recommence in those countries.

On Sunday 15th August 2021, the Carnival Mardigras Cruise Ship departed from San Quan Portorico for the first time since the Pandemic began in 2020.  Mike the Travel Lover was on board the ship for the five night maiden voyage.  He filmed the departure LIVE on his Facebook page, and said, "The working cruising ships are sailing at 'half capacity,' which will improve as time goes on."  

During his first sea day, Mike filmed a LIVE tour of the cruise ship.  He mentioned a list of several changes which has come to the world of cruising.  These include:  

* the mask wearing requirements for on board the ship,

* the different mask regulations at all the ports, and

* the handling of vaccinated verses non-vaccinated passengers at the different ports.  Mike said, "At San Quan Portorico you could not get off the ship if you weren't vaccinated.  This agreement is set between the cruise line, and the ports Tourism department."    

This voyage was then followed by the Carnival Panorama Cruise Ship first departure; which took place seven days later from the Long Beach Cruise Terminal in California  on Saturday 22nd August 2021, and (cruise blogger) Sheri Griffiths from Cruise Tips TV filmed the event LIVE on her YouTube Channel.

To watch the LIVE departure videos click on the links below:⤵️ 

* The Carnival Panorama Cruise Ships departure - https://youtu.be/FOVvFefWuO4,

* The Carnival Mardigras Cruise Ships departure party  - https://fb.watch/7DWDF07rly/

Bon Voyage!

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