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We three ships of cruising are...!



On Monday 27th February 2023, I boarded a Virgin flight at Melbourne Domestic Air Port for a much needed two week holiday in Sydney, Australia.  As well as catching up with my family, doing a class at my Sydney Dance School, and doing the touristy thing; I was also able to go 'cruise ship chasing' at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay, Sydney.  But what surprised me was this.  I originally planning to just see the Majestic Princess... I wasn't expecting to see two others; plus the top of another.  Following is what happened.   

The Majestic Princess:
This was the day I was waiting for since my original Queensland cruise with the Majestic Princess was cancelled due to COVID in 2020.  In the lead up to my original cruise being cancelled, I promised myself ‘that I would at least go to the Wharf to take photos and film the ships departure.’  This was that day.  

The morning of Tuesday 7th March 2023 was spent relaxing at the holiday house in the house I was staying in; before leaving at 1:20pm to be down at Circular Quay by 3pm for my first cruise ship chasing adventure in over three years.  I traveled in by train, and arrived a lot earlier than what I had planned.  After taking photos, and filming a TIKTOK video from Circular Quay Station; I left the Train Station and spent the next few hours ‘taking photos, and filming.  It was so hot in Sydney that day, and I had to rest for a while in doors before getting ready to film the ships departure in front of the Sydney Opera House.  The Majestic Princess departed from the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal on time (at 6:45pm), and it great to see so many people turn out to watch the departure.  I filmed the ship reversing out onto the Harbour, and thought, "wow.. spectacular!"  That ships 'sail away party' was so loud we could all hear it from outside the Sydney Opera house; which was great.  Although the ships Cruise Director told those on board, “the ship is going to blast the famous ‘love boat them’ to mark the start of the voyage;” sadly she didn’t. Instead, the ship just sailed off, disappeared through Sydney heads, and headed out to Sea and it started with just a single horn blast at the wharf. Although I was a bit disappointed; four out of five goals isn’t bad.  

The Celebrity Eclipse:
On Saturday 11th March 2023, I was originally meant to spend the day in Kootoomba NSW; that is until it was cancelled due to an issue with mums travel card so I came up with a plan B.  I went onto the Sea Scanner website, and discovered the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship was docked at Circular Quay so mum, my ex neighbour, and I went in together.  When we arrived; we went our separate ways.  The others went to get the issue solved, and I walked over to the Overseas Passenger Terminal and VLOG'd the Celebrity Eclipse Cruise ship before making my own way back to the holiday house.   

The top of the Queen Mary 2:
The next day, we returned to the City to visit the NEW 'Art Gallery of NSW.' During the tour, I looked out the massive window at the back of the building and spotted the top of the Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner docked at Athol Bay, Sydney.  I naturally got 'cruise happy, and took a photo of it.'  There was two other ships in Sydney that day, but I was only able to see one of them because I was busy vlogging, and doing the touristy thing. 

The NEW Pacific Adventure:
Monday 13th March 2023 was the final day of my Sydney vacation.  As well as packing for the trip back to Melbourne; the day was spent on the Harbour with the NEW Pacific Adventure cruise ship.  Just seeing the new ship was amazing because the last time I it 'I was getting off the ship (as the Golden Princess) at Station Pier Wharf in Port Melbourne, and I only had a short amount of time to do everything before the departure.  I went over to Manly for lunch, and made it back to Circular Quay with thirty minutes to go to take photos, do some vlogging, and to get into position near the Sydney Harbour Bridge to film the new Pacific Adventures departure.  It was a rush to get everything done, and I was happy to see so many people at the advantage spot for the departure.

During the holiday, I really out cruuuuuised myself, and in closing i'll say, "I've decided to go cruise ship hunting as a treat for when I'm in Sydney, and the reason is this: 'Circular Quay is a lot more easier to get to from the holiday house, and unlike at Station Pier Wharf; I can actually get up close and personal with the cruise ships in Sydney." How cool is that?  



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