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Top ways to sneak alcohol on ships! *Insider Info*

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I worked on cruise ships for 2 years and I have hung out with a lot of guests in that time. I always hear stories about how they sneak their alcohol on the cruise ship. I always perk up and ask "how?" They always were reluctant to tell me because they though I would turn them in, and I would always assure them its out of my own curiosity because everyone does it a little different, some work, some do not... Here are the do's and dont's to sneak alcohol on cruise ships.

Know that most cruise lines do not allow you to bring your own alcohol on board with exception to 1 bottle of wine per person. When bringing your luggage aboard the ship they x ray and have the right to remove your alcohol.

DO: One of my favorites is using a mouth wash bottle and food coloring. Fill up your SCOPE with clear liquor and put some green food coloring in it to make it green. That works so well! Use a liquor with high alcohol percentage to maximize your buzz (drink responsibily)

DO: Water bottles. This is a good trick, but you have to make it look like you just bought them, meaning putting them in a pack of six. They will check if it looks like it has been opened.

Don't try using a clear bag and putting it in your clothes in your luggage, I have heard to many stories about people that lose their alcohol, and in some rare cases, they get kicked off of the ship at the guest's expense.

Don't let security or workers aboard the ship see you pour your liquor or water bottles into their cups. It is best if you have it in a bag, or even "pre game" in your room before you go out.

Don't buy their bottles of duty free alcohol thinking that its a good deal, because they won't even let you drink it until the cruise is over!

There are many ways to sneak it on, but believe me that they are searching for alcohol to make you pay for theirs. Im not suggesting that you bring all the alcohol you need for the cruise, but bring enough to help cut your bar tab in half!

Share with me some of your stories... i would love to hear them!

Thanks ? ( www.thedannyblack.com )

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