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Boat Drill... lets skip it... WRONG!

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THE BOAT DRILL is probably one of the biggest buzz/fun kills after arriving at your final vacation destination. Why do we have them? Safety reasons no doubt. What about returning cruisers, sorry nothing can be done about it... It really has nothing to do with the cruise lines, only maritime (coast guard) regulations. Especially after that horrific accident on the Costa ship, it has become more important to follow.

Luckily on some cruise lines, such as Carnival, you no longer need to bring your life jacket for that painful 25 - 30 minutes of standing and waiting in crowds or kids and drunk people.

HERE IS THE SECRET way to avoid as much of the painfulness of that experience. Take your time getting to the muster station. Do not set course for that place until you hear the ship sound its whistle. At that point make your way to your spot and you will sit there in the front able to leave first in a mere 5 - 10 minutes.

Please do not yell at or complain to the people working, because they are just doing their part of the job that sucks more than you having to be there. We do drills multiple times a months and have to be certified in being able to save you before saving ourselves!

One couple I know tried to hide in their room, and were found skipping the drill and had to have an extra drill after they set sail, missing the sail away, and they were not happy. Room stewards do check rooms as part of their jobs to make sure everyone is clear in their section...

I am just trying to make your vacation just a little more fun and a little less BOAT DRILL!

Do you have good stories about boat drills you have done? I would love to hear them!

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Good pointers Dan. For us, it has never really been a big deal. It's kinda like when you fly, you MUST endure the Emergency plan performed by the flight attendant. It has just become part of the cruise to us. One story that does come to mind about a muster drill, was when we had taken our then 12 yr. old niece with us on the Carnival Pride. Our niece was a tiny thing and needed a child's life-jacket. We called the pursers desk numerous times as well as asking our cabin steward for one. We never got one for her. She had to wear an adult jacket for the drill. When she put it on, her head disappeared. After the drill, I went directly to the pursers desk to complain and explained to them that it is a Coast Guard REGULATION that we be supplied with a child's life-vest for her. I followed that up with a written complaint to Carnival. We finally received the life vest 2 day's into the cruise.

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