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How to save some $$$ on your cruise

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Blog 3: ShipLife how to save some $ on your cruise -

Currently the Carnival Magic is doing a European Cruise until the end of October. Some of the most beautiful ports you can imagine seeing when we dock and sailing away. There are certainly some tricks and tips when going on a European/Mediterranean cruise. Money is key here. Euro cash are not hard to get at some of the bank ports, but Euros are nice to have when you are walking around and shopping, I would always suggest getting back on the boat to Eat and eating a good breakfast before you leave, because you will pay a lot more than you want for lunch in Europe.

Do some homework for some of the ports that you are going to. I know that for what people will spend about 180$ per person for a Rome Excursion, I could tell you how to do it for only $35 + see more things! I will not say its a terrible thing to do an excursion with the ship. There are some positives for the price... the number 1 thing is not missing the ship.

One thing that could save you a lot of money on a ship is just asking the crew... If someone were to ask me I would have no reason to not give them information that would get them to basically do what I would do. If you have any questions about some ports in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, please feel free to ask me. Also you can ask the bar staff what is the best deal on drinks and they will be honest. If you were in my bar, the Red Frog Pub you could order a tub of beer (100 ounces) which will give you roughly 7 drinks for a price point between $21 and $30 depending on the beer... $3.00 per drink is a great price on a ship.

Stay tuned for my next Blog where I will provide answers to the most FAQ about working on a ship!

Thanks for Reading... -*DB-

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Thanks for the good tips, Danny. We're looking at doing a European cruise next year, and all the tips we can get are appreciated.

Let me know when you get to the Rome Port... i can save you 100$ each person! And yes Nassau is one of those ports you need to travel with the crew... otherwise its not that great of a port!!! (in my mind)

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