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Cruise Packing List and Tips by Cruise Experts

Packing List       Cruise Secrets Revealed

The following are packing suggestions our members have contributed over the years. When used in conjunction with our official Packing List, you'll be among the most well prepared cruisers!

Items to Pack

• Pack a highlighter so you can mark the activities of the day in the ship's circulated activities guide. If you're traveling with other people, bring more colors so you can coordinate their activities with yours.

• If you wear glasses, be sure to bring an extra pair, or at least an eyeglass repair kit. Don't forget the sunglasses!

• It's a good idea to bring quite a few one dollar bills for tipping baggage handlers, room service, or anything else that might come up.

• Bring some hand sanitizer to help avoid germs and in case of using a bathroom on a tour that's not quite clean. Bring a little toilet paper in your purse, also, for the same reason.

• Bring lanyards for each person of your group, and stop by the pursers desk to get holes punched in your sail & sign cards as well as beverage cards. Tie the lanyards through the punched holes, and losing the cards will be much more difficult. Many people even wear them around their necks during the day to reduce pocket clutter.

Packing Techniques

• To save precious space when you're packing your personal items such as shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, etc, buy the travel-sized products or pour some from the original bottles into smaller ones. If you do this for each personal item, you'd be amazed to see how much space you could save.

• If you plan on bringing lots of delicates (such as wine) in your suitcase, you may want to consider lining the suitcase with bubble wrap. On the way back you can also use it to wrap your souvenirs.

For the Cabin

• Don't forget your clothes pins or potato chip clip, to weigh down the shower curtain in your cabin....No more shower curtain stuck to your rear end dilemma!!

• Bring an old, outdated member card from a store that has a magnetic strip on the back. Instead of using your credit card to lock and unlock the cabin safe, you can use this instead. This way, you won't have to carry around any credit cards around with you all the time. After all, ships don't use credit cards: They bill all onboard purchases to your sail and sign card account.

• Have a balcony? Be sure to pack an elastic bungee cord to tie open the balcony door. Not all exterior cabin doors can be set to remain open.

• Post-It notes can be very handy if you’re sharing a cabin with others. Leave notes such as meeting places, times, or whereabouts on the mirror. Miniature dry erase boards also work well for this purpose. Don’t forget the pen or dry erase marker!

Just In Case

• Be sure to pack all essentials such as documents, medicines, and valuables in your carry-on luggage. In the rare event in which your luggage is lost, at least you'll have the more important items with you.

• Don't pack all of your clothes in one bag and his in another. Divide the clothes up so you will both have clothes if something should happen to your bags.

• Place a sheet of paper in each piece of luggage on the top - With your name, address, and phone number in case your luggage is lost.

• Be sure to label your camera with return address labels, in case you lose it.

• Always bring at least one warmer piece of sleepwear in case of cold weather.

Are we missing something? Let us know and we'll be happy to add yours to the list!