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Carnival Breeze


Overall Rating: Excellent


Sail Date:07/14/2013
Destination:Caribbean - Western
Departed From:Miami
# of Nights: 5-6 Nights
Cabin Type: Balcony
Sailed As: Family w/ Children


Overall Value:Excellent
Spa/Fitness: Good
Embarkation: Excellent
Debarkation: Poor
Staff/Service: Excellent
Overall Rating: Excellent


I went on The Carnival Breeze with my mother and my 14 year old nephew to celebrate my mother's birthday. We take her every year. We live 30 minutes away from The Port of Miami so my brother dropped us of at port so that we wouldn't have to pay for parking.

Embarkation- We got to the port at 11:15 and were on the ship at 11:45.

Cabin-We had a balcony, and was ready for us as soon as we boarded.

Food- Everything was delicious nad excellent. There is so much variety to choose from. With the amount of passengers on the ship, there was never any waiting in line, not even on sea days. I was surprised. These are the food venues that are available on this ship.

Lido Marketplace-The Buffet which had a theme everyday as well as another buffet.

Blue Iguana Cantina-They have tacos and burritos. I had a burrito, and it was delicious. You can eat it with meat, shrimp, chciken, and steak. I had mine with chicken and shrimp, and then you add whichever toppings you would like.

Cucina del Capitano- For lunch, there is no charge, and for dinner $5 for kids and $12 for adults. I had lunch here twice, and it was delicious. For lunch, it is a pasta bar. They give you a paper where you check off which pasta you would like, and with what sauce, and toppings. There is also lasagna for lunch. For dinner, there is a menu, but we never had dinner here. Lunch was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend it.

Guy's Burger Joint- They are delicious. My nephew and II had a plain cheeseburger, but they have many to choose from. My mom had a bacon wrapped burger, She loved it. They ate there several times.

Sushi- There is a charge for the sushi. I don't like sushi, and never ate there.

Pizza-24 hr pizza. They changed the recipe. It is now thin crust pizza with hardly any cheese. My nephew was upset because in past cruises, this was his favorite place to eat. In this cruise, he ate a lot at Guy's Burgers. He loved them.

Carnival Deli-I ate here for lunch almost every day. I love thier tuna sandwich.

Jimmy's BBQ- This was only open on sea days, and we never made it. I heard that it was delicious though.

Sea Dogs. Hot Dog stand open on sea days. We never made it here either since we only had 2 days at sea.

Speacialty Steakhouse. We have eaten here before, and it's delicious, ut we didn't go on this ship.

Dining room- We had any time dining. You may show up at the dining room any time between 5:45-9:30. There was no wait, except for formal night when lobster was served. We waited for 40 minutes to be seated. They give you a pager to let you know when there is a table available. THe food was delicioud, and I had chocolate melting cake every night.

Entertainment-Very disappointed by how the quality of the shows has declined on Carnival. THey are called Play List Shows. They have 8 singers. 4 men and 4 women. They sing songs and dance, and there are backgrounds with the light special effects, no costume changes what so ever. Only 2 of the 8 dancers could sing. They always sang off key, and couldn't dance. I never stayed at a show more than 10 minutes. The shows are now 30 minutes long.

The singers from the band on the promenade deck were absolutely amazing. They should be the main singers of the production shows. There was also a singer in the atrium who also sang well.

4D Theater-We absolutely loved it! They are 30 minute shows, and it has so many special effects. This is a must do!

The new water park is absolutely beautiful, and a lot of fun. There is a basketball court, My nephew played every night from midnight, (after the party from Circle C was over until 2 am). They had so much fun. All of the teenagers from his group 12-14 were super well behaved as well as the older ones. There weren't any misbehaved kids ont his cruise.

There is also the rope course, mini golf, billiads, an outside gym. The kids always had something to do,

Gym-I went 4 out of 6 days. It is too small for the amount of passengers on this ship.

Ports of Call-

Ocho Rios-I booked a tour through Carnival to Climb Dunn's River Falls. We loved it. I had climbed it 10 years ago, and hadn't returned to Ocho Rios until this cruise. I've cruised 18 times on Carnival since 2002.

Grand Turk-We were only here from 7:00 am until 2 PM. We have been here before, and didn't get down because my nephew went to bed past 2am every night because Carnival had so many activities scheduled for them. I gave my nephew a 2am curfew, I would pick him up, and he would eat pizza and ice cream at that time, then we would head back to the cabin.

Nassau-We didn't get down at this port either. We weren't here for a long time either, and it was difficult waking up my nephew.

Ship-It was absolutely beautiful, and the service was excellent. My only complaint is how the quality of the shows has declined.

Debarkation-As we were debarking and had just finished getting our luggage, a custom's agent asked us to go with him to a back room, and performed a random check on us. He checked everything. He made a mess, took out everything from all of our luggage, and then would ask us to put everything back and close it. I had never experienced this in any of my previous cruises. He was very rude.

I highly recommend the Carnival Breeze. It is absolutely beautiful, the food delicious, and excellent service!

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Hi Olga! I'm so glad you had a great cruise, and it's good to hear you liked "the Breeze." I am a little disappointed to hear the entertainment is less than it used to be...I do look forward to the shows. I will be on this ship in late September. Thanks for the great review. Sorry you had to deal with a rude custom agent.

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Olga, thanks for the review. It sounds like you had a very good cruise. The entertainment on ships anymore seems to be hit or miss with more miss than hit. There is no excuse for a custom agent to be rude. Some of them do act like they answer to no one.

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Thanks so much, KeithandRIta! As soon as we finished taking our luggage from the convetor belt, the agent asks me,"Maam, did you just take your luggage from there? I told him, yes, and he told us come with me to the back room. It was scary!

Edited by Gymbrat333

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Once when Sue, me Jay and his GF were going on a cruise the TSA agent at the airport gave her a hard time at inspection. I could see her getting ticked off big time and its lucky for the agent, an obese way out of shape female, that this was not outside. She would have cleaned her clock! Once Jay told me that one night in a bar as she was walking to her table some guy got too frisky. From what I hear he's still trying to catch his breath from the shot to the solar plexus. To add insult to injury, literally, his friends told him he got what he deserved! Luv that gal.

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Thanks for the review! Great job! I've sailed on the Dream and the Magic and can't wait to sail on the Breeze. I LOVE the Cove balcony cabins... my favorite on any ship. They're so close to the water that you really feel the sea.

Cucina del Capitano is fabulous, isn't it? Great food at a fabulous price.

Fortunately, I've not seen the decline in the quality of the entertainment you referred to and I've been thrilled with the addition of the Comedy Club.

Thanks again!!!


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