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"I have been on royal caribbean 7 times and this was my first carnival cruise"


Sail Date:05/09/2006
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


I have been on royal caribbean 7 times and this was my first carnival cruise

I was told they are about the same in everything but i do not think so.

Getting on the ship was easy and getting to my room was ok.the room was nice clean and big. i went to the 8:30pm dinner and i had a table by myself so i asked if i could sit at the next one over that had two people siting at it they said yes. that was the only service i got on the cruise they rushed dinner we were in and out in 30 minutes and that was 3 courses.the food was good perpard nice.

After that i went to the casino and played the slots winning $60 then filing good i went to the stage show called the welcome show. it was so bad most everybody got up and walked out. i stayed hopping it would get better(it did not)i went to bed after that the room was very niceand the bed great sleep like a baby. got up ate breakfast just soso and got off in key west we only had 5 hours there so i was rushed but seen alot got back on board and ate the buffet the food was dry and the drink machines we not working. just coffee or hot water.i did not go to the dinner that night i went to the stage show to see if it was any better then the first it was great. but when i got back to my room the paper showing the next days events said we were going to playa de carmom not cozumel alot of people were upset that night. got up and ate the buffet. the drink machines were working but the food was dry and burnt. got of the boat in a port the was used for shiping out concrete looked like it was just built.had to take a taxi into town and it was nice i looked around some but got back on the boat after two hours not much there to see just shops.

I ate in the dinning room that night and the food was good but there steal rushed us 40 minutes in and outi did not like that after i went to the casino and lost $200 so i went to bed the last day was at sea it was nice and sunny so we layed out and got drinks all day the drinks were good and the price for them was too after the hairy chest and ice carving shows we went back to the room and had showers the water was so hot that night we only took short showers.went to eat dinner again the food was good and after we went to the bingo and last show they were good but the bingo is riged because the person that won $500 the first night won the cruise this night.i hit the bar and then the casino lost some won some. got my bottles from the store and went to the room ware i met my room atendant for the first time. he was nice but i should have met him the first day.getting off the ship was easy also.my trip wes fun and i did have a ok time but it could have been alot better so will i take a carnival cruise again ? someday maybe but royal caribbean has my heart and most of my cruises from now on will be with them thanks frostyboy64

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