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"Sorry for being so long winded, but we had such a perfect time."


Sail Date:02/28/2004
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


Ok - so I'll start with the complaints ...... That was easy - NONE! We sailed from Port Canaveral on Feb. 28th. We took the redeye from Vancouver and arrived at the airport at 6:30 a.m. - can you believe it - Carnival reps were there to meet us, they told us where to be for the buses and we hung around, people watching, until it was time to head for the Cape. We spotted the Glory from quite a way out, she really is impressive. It took about 45 minutes to get through the boarding process, get cards and pics and all - then up to the Lido to start a week of non-stop eating. We were allowed in our rooms about 1:00 p.m. so we took a nap and waited for the excitement of the muster drill! After the drill - which no one actually paid any attention to - we went back to our cabin to wait for sail away. I was actually in the bathroom when we started off - and didn't feel a thing - the sail away I mean - not that I usually feel anything in the bathroom - lol - but I digress.

It was so neat to see people on shore wave us away and honk their horns - very festive. The water got rough pretty quick but the patch actually worked - will wonders never cease - I get seasick in the bathtub - but it was great. It was pretty funny watching the other pax get their sea legs - sort of bounciong off ht ebulkheads and into each other - like a bunch of Irish men on St. Patrick's Day - well that would be today.

Dinner in the dining room was wonderful - Lina and Frank made eat evening a realy occasion. We were at a table for four - but the other couple never showed. After meeting our wait stafff we decided to stay put - they were the greatest. I have never been so pampered in my life. My dh and I do have fun no matter what we do and we just go with the flow - but we had absolutely great meals and so much to choose from. We ate in the dining rom every night. We also tried the fish and chips, the deli, the sushi bar and the buffet - it was pretty good all around. And don't even mention the desserts - wow. Good thing I had lots of baggy pants with me - they got a little snug around day five.

Our room steward - although she did a wonderful job - we only met her in passing. She was on top of everything like ice and such but we had no requests as it was always just done. The balcony was so great - we usually got lunch or snacks and ate out there - didn't want to miss anything. I even went out every night - in the middle of the night - so peaceful - just the moon and the ocean and the tropical breezes - Hmmmm!

Mark Price our cd was so funny - he seemed to be everywhere - I think he must have been a twin - because he never slept - he was always around. The entertainment was tops (and we spend a lot of time in Vegas). Everyone was so enthusiastic about what they were doing. And the Robin Hood audience participation sketch - strap on the Depends - it was that funny - my sides hurt for days.

We didn't spend any time around the pool or the bars or lounges - not our style. We just mellowed out on the balcony and wasted a few bucks in the casino. The people we met were really fun - it's amazing how on a ship with over 3,000 passangers you keep bumping into the same people all the time - on ship and on shore.

In Key West we just roamed about and did some shopping. In Belize we visited with the howler monkeys - that was great. And in Cozumel we did the Dolphin Encounter. There is nothing quite like a dolphin kiss - what a memory. And Chakanab Park was fabulous - good thing we had the digital camera or film developing would have cost as much as the cruise - over 300 pics. We actually enjoyed Progresso. We took a bus tour - $2.00 that showed us the sights - or lack of sights - but it was interesting. The beach was beautiful - lots of drinking places - but with the patch on I steered clear of those.

Watch out for those ship photos - they actually made the two of us - old coots that we are - look pretty good - they must air brush them in the back room - we bought a whole bunch of those - what are we going to do with all those 8 x 10 glossies?

Debarkation - though it came much to soon - was a snap - we had breakfast in the dining room and waited about an hour for our colour, retreived out bags from a carousel and the porter even let us use his cell phone to call the rental car company. Being Canadian, our passports were held until the last night - we picked them up about ten in the evening - we were expecting a 6a.m. pick up - but this was great.

Sorry for being so long winded, but we had such a perfect time. Do you actually get used to it - does the second or third or tenth cruise loose it's luster - or are they all as perfect as the first? Please e-mail me with any questions - Jennifer

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