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"I went with my mother. She celebrated her 57th birthday on the ship. This was her first cruise."


Sail Date:07/15/2004
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


I went with my mother. She celebrated her 57th birthday on the ship. This was her first cruise. She went all out and booked a suite. On the second day she was already planning her next cruise. She loved it! Embarkation

It was a breeze. We arrived at 11:45 and were on the ship at 12:15. I was on the Imagination 2 years ago and don't remember having a key to open the cabin instead of the sail and sign card. I went on the Victory in March and on the Glory last August and the Sail and Sign card was used to open the cabin.

Cruise Director

Troy Linton was the cruise director. He's been working for Carnival for 12 years, and will be retiring in September to pursue a career in television. He was not my favorite. All throughout the cruise, he kept making fun of Miami people saying that they barely speak English(not true). He didn't target anyone else.

Dining Room and Wait staff

The food was delicious. I always look forward to going to the dining room because the wait staff is very friendly. Our waiter introduced himself, and didn't speak to us except to take our order. He didn't even ask us our names or where we were from. There were a lot of people wearing jeans in the dining room including formal night. I dressed up in formal wear every night because I love to dress up.


I loved all of the shows. There were a lot of fun activities scheduled on sea days. There was always something to do.


We booked a sightseeing and shopping tour through Carnival. We then went to Carlos 'N Charlies. It was a blast.

Key West

Since we didn't go to this port due to construction of the pier, we received a $10 shipboard credit.

Sail and Sign Account

I missed the feature that other ships have where you can check your sail and sign account and book your excursions on the t.v.

Lounge Chairs

The ship was full, but I never had a problem finding a chair.


We did not use the express debarkation because we purchased so many items at Cozumel. We were off the ship at 9:15. Carnival called me a week before the cruise because they had overbooked the ship. They asked if we were interested in going the following week on a 5 day cruise instead of the 4 day. My mother had already asked for those days off and couldn't change them. My mother was surprised that there were people her age and a lot of families. She didn't believe me. She thought that she wouldn't fit in, and that it would mostly be a young party crowd. I had told her that there were a lot of families on the cruise and people her age. She's ready for her next cruise which will be 7 days.

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