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"A wonderful time with my wife !!!!!!!!!!"


Sail Date:02/12/2007
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


Hello all,

A wonderful vacation with my wife!!!!

Since we live in the Orlando area we drove to Port Evergaldes for our trip. Took about 3 hours and 20 minutes door to door and we traveled through 2 rainstorms. Made it safe and sound. we stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a Dunkincinno and a croissant breakfast sandwich. Nice safe trip. we took toll road 429 to the Turnpike to I-95 at Jupiter and then down to I-595. Construction in the West Palm area.

Upon entering Port Everglades, you get to a booth, have ID ready. Straight ahead to the piers. Our ship was at Pier 21 and a RCCL ship was at 25. Easy access and the parking garage was about 100 yards away. To park you get a ticket upon entering and pay as you go out. $12 a day for our total of $96.

Since my wife was a VIP, we got to get on early and actually were the 5th and 6th people on, our earliest ever. Cabins were not ready until 13:30, why i do not know, but in the meantime we ate at the Unicorn cafe. Very relaxing with a few drinks of the day!

We had a 7A obstructed view. Couldn't look down, but the horizon was in clear view. I had the cagin decorated and a bottle of wine. She was surprised.

I hate Carnival dinners again! Waiter rino was great and attentive. N.Y. strip the first night was not cooked to order and i didn't care to wait for another,,,no big deal, just my preference. Also, what distubed me most was the chairs were not level, croken or even lopsided. We mentioned it to the waiter Matr'd and Pursers desk. 2nd night, even worse. Never went back to the dining room. we actually had a great table for 2 overlooking the 1st floor dining room. After going back to the dining room several nights later to give the waiter a tip i was chased down by the asst matr'd to ask why we weren't coming. I told her i thought it was pathetic, that i had mentioned it to several people and they couldn't find a level chair to support my wife who is having some back pain and psyiatic nerve problem. Not that i was asking for the world or anything special but at least a level, supportive chair. She offered a different table and i asked if they couldn't get the seats right what made us think a table would be anything better? CLUELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another table would solve the problem.....yea right................Buffetts were good enough for us.

More to follow

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