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"The cruise all in all was wonderful.. service was awesome as always, the ports were great except for a few...the ship was in great shape."


Sail Date:10/14/2007
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


As i will try to fill you in about some of the most important things about this cruise...

Service....as always the celebrity crew is never disappointing...they are all there to make your cruise the best.

First our stateroom attendent Desmond sure worked hard for three girls in one cabin LOL ... he was there when we need and gave us everything we needed whether we asked or not...our waiter Vinod and attendent Ishard were without a doudt the best i have ever had.. they answered ever question knew the ingredients of ALL dishes... we never wanted for anything...

Food .. they were trying a new menu so somethings still needed to be tweaked a little.. some of the meats were overdone, and some side dishes needed to be warmed better.. the seafood dishes were great, pasta wonderful...buffets for lunch were very good, lots of varitey, never boring....sushi.. and of course my WONDERFUL WAFFLES.. with orange melted butter every morning...and whipped cream.. OMG, of course the hamburgers yummy...the spa salads are always something nice for lite fare...great breads. i am sure most ships make all there own things.. but thats one thing Celebrity does so well their breads, CINNAMON icecream. and OH did i mention DESSERTS ,, gezzzzzz just kill me ....

OK now the ports.. remember to take some water from the ship and maybe something to nibble on till you get back to the ship .. we did take apple pears etc.. didn't eat much on land....i always take a waterbottle from home to fill for land days to fill before i leave the ship

Cayman.. i so love cayman, but it has become so touristy, no more cabs to just take you around.. everything and everywhere you want to go is tour buses..and very expensive too... if i go again i will pay for the 5 dollars to the beach and let it go at that...

Columbia...the terminal is very nice, we did have a quick shuttle to the end of the pier and then the other side comes the cab people LOL LOL ... we got cab for 50 dollars all day , and he was great...explained everything we saw.. took us to the old walled city , to all the shopping... ( ok i got my emerald ring ) shop around for sure...took us to the top to the Monastery, pay the 3.00 its worth the view if nothing more, he stayed with us so noone would bother us also which i thought was wonderful... be very careful of people coming up to you with animals to put around your shoulders just so you will pay to have the photo taken... be prepared to say no hundred times.. but thats life...great coffee buys

Panama Canal... this was a great day it took us 6 hours to make it all the way thur.. but what a treat.. i got up at 6 am got my sit in the club front 11th floor to sit the day thur out the transit... it was so humid, i mean humid you walk outside and just go OMG .. the run back in the air...but OMG the trip was worth all of the humid weather just to go thur the canal, and see was my dad had always talked about...

Costa Rica.. one of the two private tours i booked . This one was with Okeydokey tours Charlie Soto.. wonderful host to his city...when you dock you will have to walk to the end of the pier to meet all tours except the ship tours. Charlie took as up close and personal with monkeys , and other animals...took us to a river tour to see croc's up close and personal OK i got wet by the tail of the croc... and almost pp'ed my pants how close he was.. tucans... he took us to a beauital montain top hotel and the view was unreal..took us to lunch and it was included in the price great food, took us to where and whatever we wanted great coffee also... i do reccommend Mr Soto price was 85 for all day per person, he is insuranced, air conditioned van , suppled beverages also...great day...

Huratalco... great little city i think i enjoyed this port the most , just a great beach day, lunch right on the beach...walked around.. could have gone up the road to a little bigger town but enjoyed the beaches.. cab rides to the other beach are very little but right by the pier was a great beaches... be careful of the chairs and tables they do charge for there use.. usally 5 dollars per person... i choose the sand and my towel..

Acapulco.. another port i had a tour , with Rosies Tour ,, had a great price because of amount of people i had i had 13 and it came to 30 pp.. again as wonderful tour well worth the money.. she took us all over the city explained everything we saw , showed us views that were OMG great great great...took us to lunch to a great place this was not included in the 30 but great prices, and the best tostadas i ever had..i highly recommend Rosie's tours for this city for a full dayof fun ....

Cabo... this port was nice we snorkeled and played in the water all day ... great clear water great snorkeling....saw whales , do,lphins, sea lions, great fish...watch out for jelly fishes

and then home to San Diego... with the fires in our city it made it kinda smokey but not to bad for our disembarkment...there was a chance that we were going to have an esxtra sea day due to port closed during fire but they opened by friday for us to get in on Sunday..

all in all the trip was great...humid weather which i am not use to but it was all worth the trip...if ever you take the cruise to panama pack light .. and OMG enjoy one of the worlds seven wonders ...


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