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"The Costa Magica is a fairly new and great ship. After my one week cruise to Nassau and Bermuda, I would not hesitate to sail on her again. It was a wonderful experience."


Sail Date:04/16/2007
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


The plan: Costa Magica departing Fort Lauderdale and going to Bermuda for two and a half days and Nassau for one day, departing on tax day April 15, 2007

From: CruiseCrazie member "CruiseDuo"

The reality:

Great deal "free bus ride from 'selected Florida cities'. Who could refuse such an opportunity? We sailed on thTe MSC Lirica in December 2006 and drove to Ft. Lauderdale. Since I drove the entire round trip a free bus was a great deal.


We arrived at the McDonald's in Daytona Beach, Florida at 7:00am. Plenty of time for the 7:30 Cruise Connections bus. In fact, the bus was there at when we arrived so we boarded it as soon as we arrived.

It left Daytona Beach at 7:30 with our drivers anticipated ETA at Port Everglades of 1:00 PM. Great News! We can get on board, have lunch, relax and get ready to depart for our cruise to Bermuda and Nassau.


We arrive at Port Everglades at 3:30pm! This was the eight-hour bus ride from HELL! We went everywhere. Picked up passengers who were going to Miami.

We then had to rendevous with another bus to release the Miami passengers. This, of course, was after driving up to the Port Everglades gate and making a U-TURN to then spend another hour trying to find the bus for the Miami customers.

4 o'clock pm:

OK we got on board not in time for lunch, but in time for the "LifeBoat Drill". Great planning . . . . starving since 7:30am and now we have to wait until the drill is over!

On our way:

We are on our way at 6pm. Heading to Bermuda for a two-and-a-half day stay in Bermuda and then sail to Nassau for a one-day visit there. Life is good.

The Captain Speaks:

Oh No! The "nor' easter" in the US has caused extreme conditions at sea so we are reversing our itinerary. We will go to Nassau first and then to Bermuda later in the week.

We think: Good deal. One day in Nassau now and two+ days in Bermuda when the storm passes. Great Captian.

The Reality:

We spend on day in Nassau and buy "stuff". Then start our trek to Bermuda. On Wednesday night we arrive off the coast of Bermuda. We're ready to see Bermuda the next day (Thursday). However, fifteen foot waves and 'gail-force' winds cause us to spend the entire day looking at the island of Bermuda. Good thing the bars are open!

We finally dock at the Royal Dockyards on Friday morning and get to spend one day in Bermuda. It's OK we see as much as we can visiting Hamilton and the sights at the Royal Dockyards. However, we miss the opportunity to see St. Georges.

As experienced cruisers, this is what happens and we accept the situation. No one can control the weather.

At 6am Friday we leave Bermuda and start our journey to Ft. Lauderdale, arriving at about 7am on Sunday.

The Final Analysis:

I can?t wait to sail on the Costa Magica again. The personnal were courteous and professional; the food was great; the on-board activities were fun; and in spite of all of the weather problems, it was a great trip.

I have had a sign on my desk for the 30 years I worked. It stated,


The Costa Magica team reacted in a very positive and customer friendly way. I'm ready to book a cruise with them again. Weather is something that you cannot predict. Costa Magica did what was right and gave us a great cruise.

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