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Overall, the cruise was wonderful

"Overall, the cruise was wonderful"


Sail Date:09/08/2006
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


Let me begin by saying, I love cruising and I love Disney...this was my 8th cruise, so I had something to compare it to.

Embarkation was a breeze. It took less than 12 minutes.

When we boarded the ship, my first impression was "wow...that is it?" I guess I love the BIG Mega ships, and although the Atrium was beautiful...I like the BIG ships better.

We had a cat 5 verandah stateroom. It was a little cramped...and there was not enough room for all the luggage. The Verandah was nice and roomy.

The ship is styled more like the old fashioned ships...Cunard class type. It was very pretty...more closed in than I like.

There are three main dining rooms, Tritons, Animators Palette, and Parrot Cay. You could certainly feel like you were in Disney with them. Very nice. I was disappointed our first night in Animators Palette, as it didn't change colors... I do love that the wait staff follows you to each of the restaurants. The wait staff was good, not great...the desserts were blah...the meals were good, but got much better as the cruise went on.

The children's room was nice...not great...the only thing that made it special was that characters would come in there and join the kids with different things, like "Tea with Wendy" "Story time with Belle" etc. My daughter age 4 was a little bored, and asked to go on Carnival next time, lol.

Shore excursions were fair...had 2 terrible experiences with our cruiseline booked excursions...but made the best of things.

The shows were fantastic! Typical Disney Class.

I thought the adult activities were blah, mostly wine tasting, martini tasting, etc. The pool areas were nice...the Mickey pool for the kids is awesome and perfect for them.

I was disappointed at the lack of Caribbean music onboard...the band was not very good...through the speakers every day was different Disney music...which I understand.

Debarkation was amazingly quick! They opened the doors while my daughter and I were at breakfast, and it was only 7:10 AM!! After breakfast...we gathered ourselves...took a few more pictures and were on our way.

We found the luggage easily, waited in line for a porter and were on our way in no time!

Overall, the cruise was wonderful. . .

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