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EPIC mistale

"Poor planning and activities"

Overall Rating: Good


Sail Date:11/20/2010
Destination:Caribbean - Eastern
Departed From:Fort Lauderdale Fla
# of Nights: 7 Nights
Cabin Type: Balcony
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:Good
Embarkation: Very Good
Debarkation: Very Good
Staff/Service: Fair
Overall Rating: Good


This cruise was set to celebrate our 50th anniversary. The embarkation went quite smoothly. Once on board, we were informed that our rooms would not be ready until after 2:00 PM. There were no grand entries nor any type of expected atriums.

We did get a very good place to store our carry-ons until we could go to the room. The room was certainly a major mistake in design. On entering, there were two doors to your immediate right anf left. These were the shower and WC. Both had sliding obscured glass doors. The galss was almost see-thru. For a toilet !! Oh yes, no sinks in either. The sink was mounted on the vanity at the foot of the bed. You could get the bed wet when you tried to shave or wash your hands and face.

The dining rooms were rather small and plain. The buffet lunch was probably the better place to be other than the specialty $$$$ restaurants. The specialty eating venues were quite good, but not when considering the cost.

Any show we went to see was never crowded nor sold out. I guess becuse they were not really crowd attracting. The worst was the " Blue Man Group". OK OK I realize that many people like this kind of entertainmant, but it did not show on this cruise. The most fun wee had was on the night that they had an ABBA celebration and revue. It became an audience participation type on the aft deck area's stage. Sadly, the cruise director's appearance was that of boredom and disdain. It appeared that he did not want to be bothered to be there. This was not surprising since he was not seen very often around the ship. He became only a voice heard on the intercom.

One afternoon we were lounging poolside by the main pool which was located almost next to the kiddie pool. At the kiddie pool there was an accidental release of fecal matter into the pool. The crew was fast in clearing the pool , adding extra chemical and cleaning out the offending substance. They had an unusual type of implement to remove this substance. Later that day, we were speaking to our son and daughter-in-law who told us of going to a bar the night before and getting a snack there. They were impressed that the frenchfries and mozzerella sticks were served in the fry-baskets the were cooked in. As they described these mini fry baskets, we realized thet were describing the implement used earlier to take the fecal matter from the kidddie pool. Obviously, this was the last time any of our group went to "O Sheenan's " during the cruise.

Since this was our eighteenth cruise, we do feel that we know what a cruise should be and how a ship should be to make one's vacation memorable. The EPIC does not fit the bill.

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I watched the Undercover Boss that featured the Epic. I also read about it in one of my cruising magazines. I agree with you about the design of the rooms and the round bed, no sink in the bathroom, bizarre layout.

We were on 3 NCL cruises and each one got progressively worse. At first we thought we were "cruise snobs"; comparing ships and itineraries. But after reading your experience, I agree with you.

I'm sorry that the ship didn't meet your expectations. Was the itinerary good?

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From all the reviews I keep reading about this Epic mistake by NCL, I believe they will eventually used it for scrap metal to build the next ship.

I have already cruised on most lines and can honestly say that after NCL was bought by some Oriental line back in the late 90's, the crise line went down hill.

If you want to experience the Epic, wow factor, I believe the new mega ships from RCCL will fit the bill. I have not yet been on the Genesis class ships, but the Voyager class ships are a true marvel at sea.

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Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! It's too bad the Epic did not live up to your expectations. The room design definitely sounds weird. Thanks for submitting your review. With eighteen cruises under your belt we are glad you are a part of our cruise community.

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My wife & I mainly cruise on RCCL, but have enjoyed trying the other cruise lines. We are book on the Epic (April 2012), which will be our first on Norwegian. Almost all the reviews we have read on the Epic are negative. Seriously thinking about rescheduling on another ship. W

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I've seen that inre to the weird BR and sink design and the not so opaque BR doors. What were they thinking??? thumbdown.gif. I want to shave, wash my face, etc. in the BR, not in the cabin. huh.gif. However I do like their idea about singles only cabins. Thats a cool idea. In any case i won't be on that ship unless I win a free trip on it.

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