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"We would not do this same ship nor the same ports again. <br />We will Cruise again...can't wait to plan one.."


Sail Date:03/08/2005
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


Well this was our first Cruise and reading many reviews good and bad we went into our Cruise with an open mind. Embarkment was smooth we did have transfers from LAX to the Port and we didn?t really pay much more than those who took taxis..

We boarded the ship and were quite happy to see our cabin as we heard they were so small, we found ours an outside view was quite nice and we had enough room for both of us, the bathroom was quite small but it was fine, the shower was awesome, hot water and great pressure?

I did try the ships tap water and found it tasted quite bad we stuck to bottled water throughout our trip.

We then proceeded to look around and found a spot to sit and plan our excursion tours. We however having been up since 5:00am and traveling through 3 airports to arrive at the LAX, we ended up not feeling well so we ate on the Windjammers and then headed to bed quite early 7:30pm..and slept well.

We did not however the rest of the nights due to the noise from other cabins, we found the walls quite thin and could hear everything others said or did?

We did have a few problems, which one was a terrible tour we ended up on, as the regular tour guide was ill so a stand in one was sent, he didn?t speak English well and we didn?t end up going to the places that were advertised on the tour. We did bring it to the ships attention and were given back 50 % of our money.

We also were told on embarkment we would get our passports back the next day once the ship took all necessary information. So we proceeded to the Guest Relations along with 8 others in line to get theirs back also only to be told that they will keep them for the full duration of the trip.

I think they should have been honest about keeping them in the first place. And since we were not the only ones told that it wasn?t a misunderstanding on our part.

We heard many complaints on the food, but we found everything quite good. We dinned only in the main area for our supper. We found it to be quite adequate, and our waiter once he found out I was a vegetarian he even adjusted meals removing meat from dishes to make it vegetarian for myself.

Our table ended up being a great group of people, 1 couple it was their first cruise as well and the other couple this was their third.

We however were quite disappointed at the formal supper to see guests in attire that was more fitting for the Windjammer than the dinning room. Guys wearing baseball hats and black jeans were not suitable for formal night as far as we were concerned. Also the girls wearing bikini under sun dresses wasn't what we thought wass suitable either.

We enjoyed almost all our ports, except Ensenada, Mexico.. we found it to be quite scary as we took a tour to blowhole at La Bufadora..

We followed the rules as far as where to eat and shop, but found the vendors very aggressive as 3-5 men would come out of each shop and try and bring you into their shop, they would push you or pull at you to get you to come to their shop. I have never felt so nervous and didn?t shop at any of the booths until we were at the end near the bus. We were quite happy to get back to the ship after that excursion.

We enjoyed all our other ports.

We were even quite happy to be out of our room at 8:00am..to disembark and wait for our color to be called. We waited about 2 -1/2 hours for our color to be called. We knew it would take long but not that long, and were getting nervous as to getting to the airport on time. but had no idea what was ahead !!!!

We then waited in the customs line for 1-1/2 hours, which I found ridiculous, and was very upset that many of us had to catch planes and that wasn?t taken into consideration.

which white & blue were called at 7:45 and 8:15am..We did inquire for early disembarkment but we were not allowed as we were Canadian...

We reached the bus at 12:00 to have to wait until 12:15 to leave, we felt very bad for 2 other couple who had flights at 1:10pm and another who had to bump themselves to the front of the line to get to the airport for their flight for 1:30?

This is not acceptable and I think Royal Caribbean should be letting those who have flights to catch off the ship in the 1st or 2nd color to be called. Just incase Customs takes as long as it did.. If you have 2700 people to get off many from the area those who have flights should have priority

We did hear from another couple that if you booked your flight through Royal Caribbean we would have been able to be off first, I?m sorry but that is not right, just b/c we didn?t use them for our flight arrangements which we did look at but paying over $ 1000.00 more for them was not acceptable.

I will also add that we did ask at the Guest relations the day b/4 about our flights and were told that the ships personnel were aware of which guests had flights to catch and that they would act accordingly,"meaning off earlier" apparently not. We were 3rd last.. Not the white that was called first or blue that was next which we found out were the flights that were arranged through them RCI.

So overall we enjoyed our first Cruise...

We would not do this same ship nor the same ports again.

We will Cruise again...can't wait to plan one..

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